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Probably it does hurt. Actually what they do is they cut themselves with their razors enabling them to be hit and start bleeding.

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Do emos make themselfs bleed while cutting?

Yes, that's the point.

Can a praying mantis hurt a dog?

yes because if it can make people bleed then it can make a dog bleed.

Do turtle bites hurt?

Yes, but more of a surprising hurt. It won't likely make you bleed, but I would not advise trying to find out.

When was the first wrestling match?

A First Blood match is a no-disqualification match where in order to win a wrestler has to make his opponent bleed.

Wwe wrestling is true or not?

yes it is true and they practise to make themselves so hard that they dont get hurt but it is all real WWE wrestling is scripted and choreographed.

Can a camel cricket kill you?

No, they cannot kill you. they can bite and it will hurt and maybe make you bleed but it won't kill you.

Even if wrestling scripted do the moves hurt?

I believe they do, when someone's head is being slammed into the ground I don't really think there is a way to make it not hurt.

How do dolphins protect themselfs?

They make a circle and breath!

Do people make red pandas mate?

no they mate by themselfs

How do you make your Nintendogs get on top of each other?

They need to do it themselfs.

Can Exercise cause vaginal bleeding?

AnswerYes it can. Any exersize like horse riding or vollyball can cause it to bleed. This is only if your still a virgin and the hymen will be broken. When it's broken your vagina will bleed and hurt a little bit. If your not a virgin then no, it cant make you bleed.

How does cena make his matches look so real?

The only thing fake is the storyline the actual wrestling moves are real and hurt

How do animals protect themselfs?

well its the same reason why you do it, why do you protect your self so that you don't get hurt, or maybe even get killed so they make these kinds of precautions. or maybe the animal is trying to protect its young

Why did migrant workers come to the US?

to make a better life for themselfs

Why did slaves make yucca?

It is used back in the day to clean themselfs

How does Algeria make money?

they win bets or they work for people or for themselfs.

How do people in rural Argentina make a living?

they make a living by selling themselfs even if they are men

What traits make someone a hero?

Some one that has courage and that is just themselfs

How do gorillas find shelter?

The fold down branches to make a nest for themselfs

Do peacocks have talons?

They do have sharp claws that can hurt if they can pull a direct scratch it can make you bleed. Peacocks are not very aggressive but males fight when it is mating time.

Can airsoft guns make you bleed?

If its a strong enough impact, anything can make you bleed.

How do you make wrestling belts?

Go to google then put in how to make wrestling belts.Pick ones' website then it should pop up with instructions on how to make a wrestling belt.

How do you make Wrestling action figures bleed?

1.before you bleed your superstar you neeed red cutics,red paint,metayonalic or any red liquid that is fine and same to your supertar.second is when you use metavonalic you will put that on which part you is allowed to shower your figure of metavonalic.that's all.

Does acid make your brain bleed?

The general consensus is that Acid doesn't make a users brain bleed.

Does a tattoo on the chest make you bleed a lot?

Yes not a ton but I have 2 swallows and they hurt a lot along the collar bone and near the armpit, but beyond that it's temporary