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It belongs to the other person on the title.

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Q: When title to a vehicle is in two peoples names and one dies who does it belong to?
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Who has rights to a vehicle if it has two names on the title separated by or?

If two names are on the title seperated by a comma. What does this mean?

Does both names on auto title have to be on insurance for vehicle?


What if both names are on the title. can co signer take control of the car?

if you are on a car title and co signed for that vehicle, and it reads " you or them " can you register the vehicle

How many names can be on a vehicle title?

Two. The primary and the co buyer.

If the title has two names but is not separated by AND or OR then which is the primary owner or are they both equal owners of the vehicle?

If there is no specific designation on the vehicle title the default laws of the state in which the vehicle is titled will apply.

You own a vehicle with your husband do you both need to sign title to transfer vehicle to get another?

If your names BOTH appear on the title - yes - you will both have to sign.

Can two names be on the title of a car?

yes it can. and in order to sell vehicle, both people with name on title will both have to sign in order to release vehicle.

Is it best to title a vehicle in one name or two if the home is in both names?


You bought a used car but you have a joint vehicle title in mine and my friend name can i get that person off that vehicle title title?

Names on title appear as either (and) (or) if the title is and then both signatures are required. if it is or then only one signature is required to modify ownership of title.

Who can sell the car if 2 names are on the title?

When a CA title has 2 names on it the way the names are recorded will decide who can sell the vehicle. If the names on the title read "person 1 / person 2" then both parties would have to sign off title to sell vehicle but when the title reads "person 1 or person 2 then only one of the two people have to sign the title in order to sell the vehicle. So basically if the names are recorded with a / (meaning end) between the names then both parties must sell but if the names are recorded with an OR between them then only one person has to sign off title for sale. Other states may be different, so check with your DMV to be sure. In some, "or" is used instead of "/."

When two persons have and or on the names on the registration on a vehicle who owns the vehicle?

The owner(s) is the person whose name(s) is on the title.

If someone signed the title to his vehicle over to his brother before he died is the vehicle his or does it belong to the deceased under age children?

That depends on which party died. If the person who died is the one who signed the title over, then the vehicle belongs to the brother. If the brother who received the signed title is the one who died, then the vehicle belongs to his heirs or estate.

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