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Every 60,000 miles

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Q: When to change timing belt Daewoo Nubira?
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When do you change the timing belt for a 2000 daewoo nubira?

every 60,000 miles

2001 Daewoo nubira timing?

Is your timing belt broken?

How do you release timing belt tensioner on daewoo nubira?

How to replace the timing belt for car daewoo nubira1 -step by step

How do you Change a water pump on a Daewoo Nubira?

It is located behind the timing belt cover and is driven by the belt. There are many steps to get to it so it is best to get a manual and do the timing kit at the same time

When should timing belt be changed on Daewoo Nubira 1999?

Less then 60,000km

When do you change the time belt on your 2002 daewoo nubira?

60,000 miles

Where is the crankshaft sensor located in a dtec engine Daewoo Nubira 98?

Under the timing belt cover, sensor runs of tooth wheel on timing belt crank cog. job and a half.

How do you change the Timing Belt in a 1999 Daewoo Laganza?

look at how to set timing mark for 99 daewoo,explained it there

On a 99 daewoo nubira You cannot get your serpentine belt tightened is there a trick or is it possible you got the wrong belt and it is too long?

google daewoo nubira fan belt & select "images", there you will see a diagram of how it goes.

How often do you change a timing belt on a daewoo lacetti?

after 1,90,000 KM

When should change timing belt on a daewoo kalos?

60,000 Miles is / was recommended by Daewoo. I recommend that you DO NOT exceed this figure.

What a the major problems of the 2000 Daewoo nubira?

The main problem with them is they self destruct at about 60,000 miles due to timing belt failures. If you buy one make shure to change the timing belt as soon as possible and replace it every 50,000 miles after that. When it breaks you are looking at about 500-600 in parts (cost) and 10-12 hours of labor.

How do you change and set the timing belt for a 2000 Daewoo Lanos?

Get a shop manual on it from AUTOBOOKSONLINE.COM

Where is the water pump on a Daewoo Nubira?

The water pumb is driven by the timing belt. When looking at the front of the car, the front of the engine is on the left. The water pump is located at the bottom left of the engine.

When timing belt on 1.6 daewoo nubira breaks in operation does it cause engine damage?

yes it will cause valve damage and will need new gasket kit for it when replaced will cost 0ver 1000 to fix

How do you check the timing belt on a Daewoo Matiz?

remove timing cover

How do you change a timing belt in a 2001 Daewoo Lanos is there a diagrame you can look at?

go to and order service manual.

How do you set the timing on a 1997 Daewoo Ceilo?

you dont its preset by the timing belt

What are the chances of a snapped timing belt in a 99 daewoo nubira being fixed without valve work?

Slim to none! Valves will remain open while pistons move upward and usually bend several valves.

Will a broken timing belt wreck the daewoo matiz .8L engine?

Daewoo Matiz is listed as an interference engine. There is a most likely chance of engine damage ocuring in the event of the timing belt failing

Do you have to remove head to replace timing belt on 2000 daewoo nubria?

NO, you do not remove the head to replace the timing belt on any car.

Does the timing belt breaking cause the valves to bend on a 2001 deawoo nubira?

yes it does

How do you reset the timing on a Daewoo Matiz following timing belt change without initially marking the points?

do ya need to set timing on cam when changing head gasket on dawoo matiz 800cc

After how many kilometers timing belt should be changed in Daewoo Matiz SD?

The timing belt should be changed after 100.000km. (60,000 miles)

On a Daewoo Leganza 2000 engine is the water pump driven by the timing belt?

water pump is not driven by timing belt. The belt you see is your serpentine. Your timing belt is sealed. I believe you have an interference engine.. timing belt or chain drives your intake and exhaust gears for your camshafts