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When the leaves change color in the fall is the best time to trim oak trees. These trees are infected with insects in different regions and have a very prutent smell to them. The insects are attracted to the small of a wounded tree. Also with diseases like oak wilk and sudden oak death fungal problems make their way into open wounds in the spring and summer time very easily.

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When the best time to trim oak trees?

When you have trimming shears

When to trim live oak trees?

You can trim trees anytime of year except Spring. Spring is not good because of the moist cool nights this helps with the onset of diaseases.

Do oak trees have conkers?

No oak trees have acorns.

What do oak trees give us?

Oak trees give us lumber, food and shade. Oak trees can live to be well over 200 years and there are different types of oak trees such as Live Oak, Pin Oak and Sawtooth Oak.

What are the uses of oak trees?


What do oak trees eat?

what food do oak trees eatOak trees do not eat stuff they are plants they need sun,water.ect.

Are oak trees leaves compound?

Oak trees have simples leaves

Do oak trees reproduce asexually?

Oak trees reproduce sexually.

What trees have acorns?

Oak trees (genus Quercus) have acorns.

Do oak trees reproduce by spores?

No, oak trees reproduce with acorns.

Are there oak trees in Ireland?

Yes. There are a lot of oak trees and many other kinds of trees in Ireland. Derry, an Irish county, is called the "Oak Leaf" county and has an oak leaf as an emblem, because of the amount of oak trees that it once had.

Can you get poison oak from the oak tree?

No. Poison Oak is a different species than oak trees. Poison Oak is a shrub with leaves that look similar to an oak trees.

Are redwood trees oak trees?

No, redwoods are in the Pacific Northwest and are HUGE!!.Oak trees are smaller

What kind of plants are their in the forest?

There are Oak Trees, Birch Trees, Dark Oak Trees etc.

What is oak made out of?

Oak trees.

What does oak trees and birch trees have in common?

They are both trees. They are both deciduous and there the communality ends.

What is the name of the tree that makes acorns?

An Oak treeAcorns come from oak trees.

Oak and mable trees are examples of what kind of trees?

Oak and maple are examples of deciduous trees (trees that loose their leaves).

Where are acorns found?

Oak trees or on the ground under/around oak trees.

What month do oak trees bloom?

oak trees bloom in the middle of october

Do you find oak trees in deciduous forest?

yes, oak trees are deciduous

Do oak trees have seeds or spores?

Oak trees have acorns which are their seeds.

Can you graft oak trees?

Yes. Oak trees can be grafted the same way fruit trees are grafted.

How many oak trees are in rimmington on runescape?

There are 3-5 oak trees in rimmington

How can you treat the bulbs on oak trees my oak trees?

you cant. nor do they do any harm