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When to use quotation marks?


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When you quote someone, you put the quote in between the quotation marks. If I were to quote what I just said, I would quote:

"When you quote someone, you put the quote in between the quotation marks. If I were to quote what I just said, I would quote:"


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If a word is in quotation marks, and you're quoting it, use single quotation marks to indicate an embedded quotation.

If you leave off the quotation marks, you are guilty of plagiarism. The quotation marks are required.

Never. You should always have quotation marks sorrounding a quote.

use quotation marks to set off narrative passages

Use quotation marks to set off narrative passages that's the

According to MLA format, you use quotation marks around speeches.

Yes, poem titles require quotation marks.

I use quotation marks. It's not a hard and fast rule.

Quotation marks are used to signify where in a text a quote is. To use them, you simply put them at either end of the quote.

"You put it around a quote" - QuestionsQuestions143 "You use quotation marks around what someone is saying." Said questionsquestions143 :]

Quotation marks (``'' or `') used to show that a person's words are being repeated exactly.

well quotation marks arent really that difficult, you use quotation marks when you actually say something for example. 'i never liked you' said brian

No. Use quotation marks.

I can't think of a relevant quotation. This sentence should not be bracketed by quotation marks.

You would use either quotation marks or italics to denote the title of an article.

When you are writing a book title for a report, you use quotation marks.

Just the title you type in italics if you are typing a "quote" you use quotation marks and that is all, no italics.

There are several rules for when to use and when not to use quotation marks. See Sources and related links for a good guide.

Right here. You came to the right place.There is a video tutorial on how to use quotation marks below for you.

You do not put a name such as Toto or Dorothy in quotation marks when used in a sentence. You put the name of a movie, book, or a quote in quotation marks when you use them in a sentence.

Yes, when you are citing direct quotes in APA format you must use quotation marks.

Yes. For episodes you use quotation marks; for TV shows you underline or italicize.

No you can't. Only quotation marks can be used for quotes/speaking __________________ Yes, you can. If you're British, that is.

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