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Safe mode loads the Standard VGA driver, its not somewhat a monitor troubleshooting step but rather a step taken to resolve driver issues. If your monitor displays the first part of the boot process then blanks out while loading the OS it is recommended your boot into safe mode to try & resolve display issues.

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When troubleshooting a monitor in Windows XP why would you enter safe mode?

When display settings are making the screen unreadable.

Why should you enter safe mode when troubleshooting problems with a monitor in Windows XP?

There would be no reason to do this. I have fixed graphical settings and problems without ever going into safe mode. If the problem is with the monitor itself, then safe mode would have no effect. And if it with your display settings, you need only adjust these settings without the need for safe mode. Try checking for driver updates for your video card too. This can help get a monitor working.

When troubleshooting problems with a monitor in windows XP why would you enter Safe mode?

TO check the CMOS settings or software configuration on the computer. This allows the OS to select a generic display driver and low resolution. Answer from CompTIA A+ Guide to Managing and Maintaining Your PC Sixth Edition page 422

When troubleshooting a computer why might you have to enter BIOS setup list at least three reasons?

when troubleshooting a computer, why might you have to enter BIOS setup? List three reasons

Is there a program compatibility wizard in Windows 7?

To run Windows Compatibility Troubleshooter wizard, type in Action Center in Start menu search box and hit enter. Then in the left pane of the Action Center, click on the link labeled Windows Compatibility Troubleshooter to start the troubleshooting wizard.

What is used to enter data and issue commands into the computer?

monitor is what we used to enter data and commands

How do I get to DOS in Windows?

From your desktop, click the start button, then click run. If you are running Windows XP then type cmd and press ENTER. If you are running Windows 98 or lower type COMMAND.COM and press ENTER

What the steps required to repair windows?

There are a number of steps one must follow to repair Windows. One can use the repair functions within Windows to try and correct any problems. If that does not work one needs to reboot the computer with the Windows CD or DVD and press the required key to enter the boot menu where one can choose to boot from CD.

Why does my Windows Key hop to start while I enter a shortcut I am trying to enter Windows Key plus PrtSc but it goes to start and takes a screenshot there Windows 8.1?

Maybe hold the other buttons you need and then press the Windows key last; that should work.

Where do you find a complete wiring diagram for a 2000 Grand Am? sign up for free and enter your car. follow troubleshooting

What is a Windows 7 ultimate activation key?

it is a line of numbers and letters that you enter into your software to activate your windows operating system and prove that it is genuine and if you don't enter your product key then your windows will lock and won't let you use it untill it is activated.

What is the command to enter the system registry in windows xp?


What is the function of f8 key?

This key is used to enter the Windows start up menu and to enter Safe mode.

How do you put windows on computer if windows isn't an authorized windows?

You can install Windows without a product key and it will work for x amount of days before forcing you to enter your product key. Each version of Windows has its own rules and can work for longer periods of time. All versions of Windows can be installed without the need of a product key and you can enter your product key at a later time.

How do you bring up a command prompt while still in windows?

go to Start -> Run. enter "cmd" and press enter.

How do you monitor wireless network?

To monitor, you should enter your your Task Manager by using Ctrl+Alt+Del tab then click on the network tab. All use simler warwz.

How do you delet temperory files of computer?

For Windows XP: Click Start>>Run and Type %temp% and press Enter Delete all the files you see in the window For Windows Vista and Windows 7 Click on Start/Windows Logo then in Search type %temp% and press Enter Delete all the files you see in the window

Which function key do you use to enter safe mode on Windows 8?

In any version of Windows, you have to use F8 during boot.

When you enter safe mode a pop up reflects Disable 1 exit 2 Resolution you know the issue is the resolution but when you press 2 nothing happens?

While in Safe Mode, for compatibility and stability the Windows uses a resolution of 640x480 and 60Hz, also known as VGA Mode. Some monitors will display a short text, to remind the user that the current resolution is not the manufacturer's recommended resolution. The monitor may offer you a choice, to exit the current reminder or to disable all reminders by pressing a button on the monitor itself. In this case, monitor button 1 is to disable all reminders, and monitor button 2 is to exit the current reminder. Pressing either button does not cause anything to change in windows.

What problems and obstcale do students face today in Cambodia if they wish to enter higher enducation?

What problems and obstcale do students face today in Cambodia if they wish to enter higher enducation?

How do you logon windows operating system?

When prompted, enter your user name and your password.

How do you view your video fullscreen on Windows Movie Maker?

press Alt-Enter

Are you required to enter the product key during the installation of Windows XP?


How do you maximize turbo c screen in laptop?

Alt+Enter, if your Windows supports it.

Are you required to enter the product key during the Windows 7 installation?


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