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Every 2-3 hours should be a good goal. Think of it this way, 3 small "meals" with snacks in between, so it all depends on what time you wake up, eat lunch, etc. Since you already realize the benefit of eating frequently, make sure that the foods you eat are also low glycemic. Stay away from white bread, white pasta, white potatoes (especially mashed), and if you do eat these, eat them toward the end of the meal. To determine if a food is low glycemic, it should have at least half the amount of fiber as it has sugar. This is much more technical, and can be better explained in the book Releasing Fat by Dr. Ray Strand. We have changed our eating habits and in less than a week I lost 3 pounds. Most importantly, it was the LAST three pounds to get back to my pre-baby weight. And that is the hardest to lose. But it was very easy! Good luck!

In addition, too much time between meals will slow your metabolism, especially if your four to six meals are diet-sized. Your body will start attempting to conserve the energy (calories) that you've eaten as it gets hungrier, and doesn't know when the next meal is coming. Most dieters who eat several small meals a day find that 180 minutes, or two and a half hours, is ideal as it keeps the metabolism high and doesn't allow much time in between meals for inactivity. I hope you have success with this.


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You should just eat when you are hungry

Eat conciously, this will make you eat less than usual

Eat whatever you want to, if you want to stick to healthy things do so.

I lost 6 stone 3 pounds doing this, im now 11 stone, 1 pounds.

good luckxxxxx

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Ideally you can eat every three hours. But make wise decisions on your food choices. In your before bed meal where you will not eat for next 8 hours, eat a slow protein source and fibers. Like take some low fat cheese along with green veggies or some chicken with veggies in your last meal.

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Q: When trying to lose weight by eating 4-6 meals how much time should there be between meals?
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