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no. hopefully you arent driving

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Q: When turning left at a green light can you turn left despite a red left turn signal?
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Is not turning your signal light a crime?

No it is an infraction.

What color is the reverse signal wire?

Light Green

If you are making a left turn you must begin?

with turning the left signal light on.

On a traffic light which position is the green light?

On a vertical display traffic signal the green light is on the bottom. On a horizontal display traffic signal it is to the right, but may depend on that state (or municipality's) practice.

What is the wire color for a 2004 savana backup light?

Light green, the darker green is the right turn signal.

Why does a turning signal light on a contour light lights but does not flash?

Burned out bulb Faulty socket and/or wiring/ ground Faulty turn signal flasher Faulty turn signal Switch

How do i change turning signal light switch for Toyota Camry 1999?

The signal light switch, on your Toyota Camry, can be changed by unplugging the signal relay switch. Plug in the new relay switch.

What does a flashing green light gun signal indicate?

Cleared to cross

What does a red and green light gun signal mean?

Exercise extreme caution.

When on glide slope indication from a tri-color VASI is?

a green light signal.

Can you turn left when the traffic light is green or do I have to wait for the green turning light?

Depends. If the light has a sign next to it that says 'Yield on green light' it means you can go when the light is green and there is no traffic coming from the opposite direction that could hit you. If there is no sign wait for the arrow.

When making a right turn at a green light do you have to stop?

No. One only has to stop when turning right at a RED light.

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