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The tectonic plates are moving apart from each other. The gap created by plates that are moving away from each other is filled in by new crust, created from the solidification of lava which is derived from the decompression melting of rising mantle rock.

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What happens when two continental plates diverge?

when two continental plates diverge a volcano near those plates erupts or is created

What happens when oceanic plates diverge?

When oceanic and oceanic plates diverge it creates mid ocean ridges!

What causes two continental plates to diverge?

An earth quake. This happens because the vibrations force the plates apart

What are long cracks in earth where plates diverge?

A long crack in earth's crust where two tectonic plates diverge is called a Rift.

What happens when the tectonic plates diverge?

It happens that a valley appears to come over time

What happens when plates diverge?

When plates diverge, they come apart causing deep trenches in the earth. When plates converge, they come together causing volcanoes or mountains. That is how the Himalayas formed. Think of this, Diverge- come apart Converge- come together. ( con- means together)

What happens when 2 oceanic plates diverge?

The older denser plate subducts

What type of fault is formed when plates diverge?

when plates diverge a normal fault is formed

When 2 continental plates diverge a forms.?

When 2 continental plates diverge, a __ forms.

When two Continenal plates diverge what landforms are made?

a rift, or gap, in the bottom of the ocean.

The Mid-Atlantic Ridge is an example of?

A spreading ridge, where two plates diverge.

Oceanic plates diverge?

When oceanic plates diverge an underwater earthquake is the result. Oceanic earthquakes often result in disastrous Tsunamis.

Where is the ocean trench located?

Where the tectonic plates diverge.

How are divergent plates different from convergent plates?

Divergent Boundaries happen when two plates (oceanic or contental) begin to diverge, or move apart. Convergent Boundaries occur when two plates (again, oceanic or contential) begin to converge or move apart

True or false When two continental plates converge Rift Valley forms?

False. A rift valley forms when continental plates diverge or pull apart. When two continental plates collide the result is a mountain range.

What types of movement can occur between plates?

Two plates can either converge, diverge, or transform. A convergent boundary is when two plates come together, a divergent boundary is when they move apart, and a transform boundary is when two plates slide against each other in opposite directions.

What does it mean when tectonic plates are diverging?

When two tectonic plates are diverging, that means that they are coming apart. Depending whether or not they are oceanic plates or continental plates, the outcome will be different. If two oceanic plates diverge, a rift valley will occur in the ocean; if the same is with continental plates an rift vally will occur on the continent.

When two continental plates diverge?

A rift valley form and around that rift valley a volcano could form also.

What happens when oceanic plates come together?

what happens when two ocean plates come together

What type of fault is formed when plates diverge or pull apart what type of fault is formed when plates are pushed together?

You can check a science book if im not correct a normal fault is formed when they diverge

What forms where plates diverge on land?

Where pieces of Earth's crust diverge on land, a deep valley called a rift valley forms.

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