When typing a proposal that we are quoting wholesale prices plus a fee shipping and sales tax what do we put by the wholesale amount to define what kind of price it is?

It's quite simple. Whether your doing a Formal or Informal Proposal, here is an example of what you need to include in your proposal: * Original Retail Value * Wholesale Price * Description of the Product * Shipping Fees * What is your City's Current Tax % * Discounts Given / Coupons * All fees associated with the sale * Payment Terms: On Demand or Net 30/60/90/120 Days * Payment Methods You Accept: T/T, Cash, Credit Card, Money Order, Cashier's Check, etc... * Return Policy (If Applicable) * Any additional terms... Essentially, you need to outline all of your terms. No surprises. This way, your buyer will know exactly what to expect. Plus, your customer can rebuttal and/or negotiate for better terms, if need be. This is the art of business!