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Q: When u do a identity theft report with the police in Los Angeles do they do a back ground check on you?
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Where do you report the crime of an identity theft?

Your local police department can handle the report.

What is the first thing you do if you have been the victim of identity theft?

You report it to the police. Then with reference to the police report, contact whatever companies there is which have been targeted by the one who stole your identity.

How to File a Police Report as a Victim of Identity Theft?

These days it seems there are a number of different ways that scammers work to steal not only money but information and even identities. It is important that victims of identity theft file a police report with their local department in order to recover and assist law enforcement in tracking down these thieves.Believe it or not, there are still local law enforcement agencies that won’t take a police report for victims of identity theft. If you should have this problem with your local department here are the steps you need to take in convincing them to take a police report.Show the department the Law Enforcement Cover Letter from This letter basically lays out the importance of the police report in completing an Identity Theft Report. In order to insure you maintain all of your legal rights with the credit bureaus in recovering from identity theft, you will need both reports.Make sure you take as much evidence as you can when requesting the police report. Provide law enforcement with copies of credit reports or collection agency letters or the ID Theft Complaint to prove that you are indeed a victim of identity theft.Check with your State Attorney General as some states are required to take police reports for identity theft. If your local police department notifies you that identity theft is not a crime under your state law, ask to file a Miscellaneous Incident Report instead.If the local police department will not file a police report try your county and if you aren’t able to get anywhere with the county, try your state. The police report is extremely important in obtaining the Identity Theft Report which assists you in getting credit bureaus to remove fraudulent accounts from your credit reports. You may also have to request a copy of the credit application or other information used by the criminal in stealing your identity. In order to obtain that information from the creditor, you will most likely need a police report and Identity Theft Report.Most of the time you won’t have any problems acquiring the police report. If you do, make sure you are persistent and keep in mind that it is your identity and credit health that is on the line.

How do you report identity theft if you don't have an identity?

I am sure you still would have to contact the police. Everyone has an identity and which begs the question how could some one go threw everyday life with out one.

Can you report attempted identity theft?

To report identity theft of credit cards you should do it as soon as you possibly can. First inform the company who you have your credit card with as well as your bank and loan companies. You should also inform your local police department.

What should you do if someone has stolen your identity by using your lost birth certificate?

Report it to the police. If they don't believe you, repeat everything that was printed on your birth certificate.Then, tell the police the thief to the best of your abilities. You will need a copy of the police report to dispute charges with the credit reporting agencies.

When was Police Report created?

Police Report was created in 1973.

What should you do if someone stole your identity?

If it concerns you then you should report it to the police and follow heir advice. Usually that involves contacting the credit bureaus too.

How do you handle a narcissistic thief?

You report the theft to the police and press charges.You report the theft to the police and press charges.You report the theft to the police and press charges.You report the theft to the police and press charges.

Can someone hack a yahoo email account?

Yes, a yahoo account can be hacked. Mine was done in 11/2008 and I even went to the police and filed a report. Police told me to contact all three credit bureau and file an identity theft report etc. Good luck! Police in Danbury, CT are useless....

What is the duration of Police Report?

The duration of Police Report is 300.0 seconds.

Can a Police Chief make you file a police report?

No one can make you file a police report