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counterclockwise counterclockwise
the sun has a gravitational pull, and this force makes the earth orbit it.

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Do the planets rotate around the sun?

Yes, all of the planets rotate around the sun, in the same direction but at different speeds and time periods. well planets rotate on their own axis, the correct term would be revolve. The planets revolve around the sun

Do all planets revolve and rotate?

Yes, all the planets in our solar system revolve and rotate.

Do planets rotate around the sun?

Yes. All the planets in our solar system revolve around the Sun.

Which of these terms means a complete circle around the sun?

The planets revolve around the sun. The planets rotate on their own axis.

What is a synonym for revolve?

The word revolve (to go around, as in circles) can mean to turn, spin, or rotate. (*For planets, "revolve" is used to mean orbiting around a larger body, while "rotate" is used for the spin of the body itself.)

How long does it take mars to make a full rotation around the sun?

Mars does not rotate around the Sun. It revolves around the Sun. It takes Mars about 687 Earth days for Mars to revolve once around the Sun.Planets and moons rotate about their own axes, but they revolve around the Sun (for planets) or (for moons) other planets.

Why do some planets take longer to rotate around the earth?

Since the 1600s, it has been generally accepted that no planets revolve around the Earth.

What is the difference between a planet's rotation and its revolution?

The planets rotate around their rotational axes and revolve around the sun.

What are the 3 features the planets share?

They revolve around the SunThey rotate around their axis.They have cleared their orbital neighbourhood.

Do other planets revolve and rotate?

Yes and yes.

Satellites with - orbits revolve around earth in the same time it takes for earth to rotate on its axis?

The missing word is "geosynchronous".

What are satellies used for?

artificial satellites are used for scientists to study planets and take pictures and learn about space. natural satellites are just pretty much there, they rotate the planets just like our planets rotate the sun. the moon is one of earth's natural satellites.

Do some planets revolve clockwise but rotate counterclockwise?

yes,yes they do

Does earth revolves around the sun on its own orbit?

Yes all eight planets plus an additional billions of meteoroids and dust revolve around the sun; however, all planets like Earth have a set orbit and revolve around the sun. All planets also rotate on an axis.

How do the planets rotate around the sun?

Planets revolve around the Sun in elliptical (oval) orbits. The closest planets to the Sun move more quickly and are hotter the far away planets move slowly and are very cold.

Which planets in your solar system rotate on their axis?

All of them. A few satellites are tidally locked to their primary (luna for example), but all the planets rotate.

Does the moon revolve or rotate?

the moon is locked in phase with the earth so it does not does revolve around the earth tho

Does the sun rotate and revolve?

Yes, but of course it does not have day and night like the planets do?

Does the earth revolve around or rotate?


Do stars rotate or revolve?

Stars rotate around their axis (As much as a big ball of gas can) and they also revolve around the central core of the galaxy.

Do the planets rotate around the sun or revolve around the sun?

A Planet rotates on it axis.(For Earth, the axis of rotation runs between the North and South Poles.)Planets orbit the sun.Planets are in orbit around the Sun.Planets revolve around the sun.Planets revolve on their axis of rotation.So, the point is that it is sloppy to just say a planet rotates or revolves and one should specify the axis relative to which one is discussing rotation or revolution.Orbits, are pretty clear though.

What do rotate revolve and orbit mean in space?

Rotate: an object turns around its own axis. Revolve: an object moves around another object. Orbit: as a verb, basically the same as "revolve".

What best describes the orbits of the planets?

Planets revolve around the Sun. The Sun does not revolve or rotate around the planets. Planetary orbits are best described as an ellipse. Revolving is when the planet goes around the Sun. Rotating is when the planet spins on its own axis. The Earth does one revolution in 365 days but one rotation in 24 hours.

Do stars rotate around the earth?

No. The earth rotates, not the stars. yelp! stars rotate around the earth gravaltational pull receptic system. The answer to this question is impossible to find because you don't rotate around objects, you revolve around them. So a better question would be "Do stars revolve around the Earth?" The answer to that question is no. Now stars do rotate, but most of them don't revolve around anything. (Some revolve around other stars.)

What do planets do as they travel around earth?

They don't travel around earth they revolve around the sun and they rotate and one trip around the sun takes 365 and 1/4 days

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