When viewing an advertisement what questions should be asked?

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1. who or what is the source/author/creator of this information?
2. what qualifications or credentials does the person OR group have?
3. is the information up to date?
4. what is the purpose of the information: to educate, to entertain, or to persuade you to buy something?
5. is there a contact place?
Who or what is the source/author/creator of this information?

What is the purpose of the information.
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What questions should an interviewer ask?

Believe it or not, the people you interview usually want you to be professional. Although it is easier to find out what a person is like in a regular conversation, most prospective employees have prepared to answer questions from you. If you do not ask any, or ask very few, they might think you don' ( Full Answer )

What questions should you ask your girlfriend?

You could ask things such as: . how are you right now? . whats your favorite food? . do u want to hang out? . whats your favorite food? . whats your favorite color? you should ask stuff you think she would like you for. Dont ask stuff that would make her feel umcomfortable or make her feel in ( Full Answer )

What are questions you should ask in a relationships?

questions that will help you get to know them favorites hates likes dislikes places people . Also things you may like too know early in the relationship, like oh i don't know.. "Do you still have msn, fonenumber and such on your ex-girl/boyfriend? ore some one else you have been in love with for ( Full Answer )

Why should you ask a question on WikiAnswers?

Because it will help build a comprehensive question and answer site. Someone else might have the same question as you and chances are it will be answered by then. You are helping out others and getting your question answered.

What questions should you ask your boyfriend?

Just ask him anything that you feel needs to be asked like have you ever cheated on a girl and to see if you should stay with him he will think you are cute for asking that question.

What questions should you ask about soccer?

If you want to know more about soccer or good questions than start buy asking what does the feild look like, do you use your hands or feet, can you use your hands in goalie, what are some penalties in soccer, etc. ect.

What questions should you ask at an interview?

During a job interview you want to show an interest in the companyor business to which you are applying. Ask questions related to thecompany, but not general questions that you can find online, whichwould show that you have not done your research.

What questions should you ask a boy?

Think of a boy as a human person. What would you talk to your cousin about; what would you talk to the older couple next door about; what would you talk to someone that you were working with on a church or school committee about. The best thing is to relax and practice being yourself. Boys aren't co ( Full Answer )

Questions that a girl should ask a guy?

Guys like to talk about themselves; we all do. No need to ask questions, just prompt him now and then, and nod appreciatively. He'll tell you all about himself.. If you question him, he could well go into a shell and give you answers he thinks you want to hear, or answers which might not necessaril ( Full Answer )

Questions to ask prospects when selling magazine advertising?

Some questions you can ask prospects when selling magazine advertising include: - Who are you looking to reach with your advertising? - Can you describe a typical customer? - What attributes make-up your target audience? - What is your advertising budget?

What are questions that I should ask in a debate?

That depends on what kind of debate.. Informal debate: ask questions that help you understand. Ask questions about things that are confusing.. Formal debate: always ask where the money is coming from and how much it will cost. Ask questions that make the other team look stupid and set up your argu ( Full Answer )

What questions should you ask your crush?

What their fav color is, when's their birthday, sports, etc but don't sound to nosy ask casually and ask some other people around them as well. You could ask them to go out with you as skating, a walk, a movie, or even together with a group of friends. It's not what you ask it's HOW YOU ASK IT! ( Full Answer )

Should you ask the mistress questions?

Mistress' are generally the losers in the game of love. They may feel they have won the man over and away from his former girlfriend or wife, but in most cases the male in question grows weary of her too and the percentages are low that he will end up marrying her. If he does divorce his wife or eve ( Full Answer )

Where can you view your previously asked questions?

Click on "My contributions" (bottom section of the blue toolbar that is on the left side of your screen, under "My pages"). At the top of your contributions page, it says Filter By:, then a pull-down menu, and then a big orange button that says "Go." Click on the little blue arrow on the right of t ( Full Answer )

What questions should you ask an interviewee?

Depends on the job. Generally you'll ask for what they have in the way of education and degrees, why they want the job, and why they think theyl'l do a good job at whatever position they're applying for.

What question should you ask next then?

if man new the answer to the question how would there be a question at all if man already knew the question to ask the answer would life die?

What questions should be asked in a survey?

The content of the questions depends on the topic of the survey and the type of information you want to find out. The key is not to over-ask your subjects and to maintain and easy-to-follow format. Ask as few questions as possible, and make them easy to answer. Avoid open-ended questions; instead ( Full Answer )

How should you ask a question?

it comes in when you don't have an understanding of what the person which you are interacting with is saying

Where should French questions be asked in WikiAnswers?

There is a French WikiAnswers web site for the French speaking community. The web address is located in the 'Related Links' section below this answer box. There are several categories that French questions can easily fit into. A couple of such categories which are a subcategory of 'Translations' ( Full Answer )

What are questions you should ask when buying a horse?

Hey! When buying a horse there is a lot of things that you are going to want to ask. When you go, if you are not an experienced horse person, bring along someone who is, like a stable owner or riding instructor. Also make sure that if you dont bring along your own vet, make sure that you make ( Full Answer )

What questions should you ask about Christmas in France?

OK, so if you're having trouble, think about life in France. Howwould you live it. Maybe the French people like macaroons or bread.Ask them a simple, yet effective question such as: How do youcelebrate Christmas? Which would translate as: Comment vouscélébrez n'avez Noël? If you've been to ( Full Answer )

Should you ask a question and then answer it for them?

You are certainly welcome to ask and answer your own questions here. Many people do this when they are good at a certain subject and there are questions that they believe people would like to read about.

What question should I ask on yahoo answer?

Ask any question you want. If there is something you want to knowthen ask it on a website such as Yahoo! Answers or here onWikiAnswers and people will try to answer the question for you.

What questions should you ask of a patient?

Questions shoudl be used to get a good understanding of what happened and caused an injury or illness. Most first aid training organisations suggest using a primary and secondary survey. During the primary survey, you should check for DRABC (Danger, Response, Airway, Breathing, Circulation) In th ( Full Answer )

What questions you should you not ask at an interview?

There are many different questions. I'll cover the main ones. Never ask if anyone is married, even if they have a wedding ring. Never ask if anyone is dating/seeing someone. Don't ask any race/sex question. Don't ask about children, or if a woman if they are pregnant or how long. Also, never go into ( Full Answer )

Why should people ask questions?

when people ask questions they receive an answere ,people should ask questions because they reveal new answere's and information

Are there questions that should never be asked?

No. Ask questions, get answers. This applies even if you don't like the answer. There are however appropriate and inappropriate ways to ask, venues in which to ask, audiences to ask in company of, and rhetorical questions.

What sort of questions can you ask to make a better advertisement?

You can ask what the specific goal of the advertisement is, who the people are who are going to see and hear the advertisement, why those people might want to view or hear this advertisement, how to show those people how the concept fits their lives or meets their specific needs. You can ask if the ( Full Answer )

What questions should you ask siri?

Ask her for the exact number of Pi. Ask her to spell every word inthe dictionary. Ask her o give you the exact number of people inthe world. Ask her to start with the number 512 and keep dividingit by two.

Why should I ask a question on this site?

Simply because - there are millions of users - all with their ownlevel of intelligence and knowledge. Whilst you need to appreciateit's not a 'live' site, the right person to answer your questionmay just be one-click away from seeing what piece of informationyou need. We have a great team of supervi ( Full Answer )

What question should i ask?

There are categories such as food, heath, and tech. Thesecategories will help you. Try thinking of a questions that you wantto know about. You might not have notice, but you just ask aquestion! Good job!

How do you view your asked questions?

To look at questions you've asked or contributed to look on yourleft sidebar and under "Quick Links" hit the button called "MyContributions". You can then look there for questions you haveasked.