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1897. DC

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Q: When was 1895 Winchester serial number 6379 manufactured?
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When was a Winchester Model 94 30WCF with seriel number 33317 manufactured?

With the serial number that you have supplied,your WINCHESTER model 1894 rifle was made in the year 1895.

When was a Winchester 1895 serial?

No way to answer without the serial number.

What year was Winchester model 94 serial number 15572?


What is the age of a Winchester model 1892 serial number 77359?

It was made in 1895

How old is Winchester 94 with serial number 26607?

2nd year of production- 1895

What year was Winchester Model 1890 serial number 34331?

With the serial number that you provided,your Winchester model 1890 .22cal pump action rifle was produced in the year 1895.

What year was Winchester model 94 serial number 25348 made and what else does the serial number tell you?

1895 - If it is original, it is quite valuable.

What is the age of a kimball piano serial number 36415?

The age of a Kimball piano with the serial number 36415 is 119 years old. The serial number indicates it was manufactured in 1895.

Where can you get information on a Winchester 1895 30 Army no serial number?

You will need to contact the Cody Firearms Museum.

How old is a winchester model 95?

Without you providing a serial number,I can only say that the Winchester model 1895 was made from 1896-1931.

What year was Winchester 1894 serial number 32066 made in?

Wow that's a early Winchester model 1894! Your rifle was produced in 1895.

How many guns were produced by Winchester in 1894?

If you are refering to just the model 1894, a serial number search turned up the following information. Serial number 15,579 was made in 1894. Serial 15,580 was made in 1895.

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