When was AIAW Women's Basketball Tournament created?


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AIAW Women's Basketball Tournament was created in 1972.

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AIAW Women's Basketball Tournament ended in 1982.

ucla is probably one of them **************** Maryland is one. ********* UCLA won the AIAW -- which predated the Women's NCAA, but not the Women's NCAA. Stanford has won all three.

She has a total of 1,098 victories in the AIAW and NCAA.

NC State has won 8 national championships: 2 NCAA championships, 2 AIAW championships, and 4 titles under other sanctioning bodies.

Barbara Joan Marcus has written: 'The identification and analysis of contemporary changes in women's intercollegiate athletic programs in AIAW member schools' -- subject(s): Sports for women, College sports

Barbara J. Marcus has written: 'The identification and analysis of contemporary changes in women's intercollegiate athletic programs in AIAW member schools' -- subject(s): Sports for women, College sports

AIAW 1973 Immaculata Mighty Macs (20-0) 1975 Delta State Lady Statesmen (28-0) 1981 Louisiana Tech Lady Techsters (34-0) NCAA (Since 1982) 1986 Texas Longhorns (34-0) 1995 Connecticut Huskies (35-0) 1998 Tennessee Lady Vols (39-0) 2002 Connecticut Huskies (39-0) 2009 Connecticut Huskies (39-0) 2010 Connecticut Huskies (39-0) 2012 Baylor Lady Bears (40-0)

UNBEATEN TEAMS SINCE 1939 with number of wins (including tournament if applicable)1976 - Indiana (32)* 1973 - N C State (27) 1973 - UCLA (30)* 1972 - UCLA (30)* 1967 - UCLA (30)* 1964 - UCLA (30)* 1957 - North Carolina (32)* 1956 - San Francisco (29)* 1954 - Kentucky (25) 1944 - Army (15) 1940 - Seton Hall (19) 1939 - Long Island (24)NCAA ChampionOther NCAA sportsNCAA football: Due to short season there are several dozen teams.NCAA basket ball WomenIn the women's game, the following national championship teams have had perfect records since the AIAW began sponsoring a championship tournament in 1972 (which was followed by the NCAA tournament in 1982):1973 Immaculata Mighty Macs (20-0)1975 Delta State Lady Statesmen (28-0)1981 Louisiana Tech Lady Techsters (34-0)1986 Texas Longhorns (34-0)1995 Connecticut Huskies (35-0)1998 Tennessee Lady Vols (39-0)2002 Connecticut Huskies (39-0)2009 Connecticut Huskies (39-0)2010 Connecticut Huskies (39-0)2012 Baylor Lady Bears (40-0)NCAA HockeyThe 1970 Cornell Big Red recorded an unbeaten, untied season. Several were undefeated but with some ties. 1955-56 Clarkson Golden Knights were undefeated (23-0-0), and Coach Bill Harrison won the NCAA Division I Coach of the Year, but Clarkson skipped the NCAA tournament because Clarkson had seniors with (4) years of college play which was against NCAA rules at the time.

Team national championshipsFootball[8]1970 (11-0-1, No. 1 AP)1971 (13-0 No. 1 AP/UPI )1994 (13-0 No. 1 AP/Coaches (CNN/USA Today)1995 (12-0 No. 1 AP/Coaches (CNN/USA Today)1997 (13-0 No. 1 Coaches (ESPN/USA Today)Volleyball1995 (32-1)2000 (34-0)2006 (33-1)Men's gymnastics19791980198119821983198819901994Bowling1991 (IBC)1995 (IBC)1997 (IBC)1999 (IBC)2001 (IBC)2004 (NCAA)2005 (NCAA)2009 (NCAA)Women's track and field1982 (AIAW)1983 (NCAA)1984 (NCAA)

They won 1 National Title and that was in 1989. The University of Michigan remains the only school in NCAA history to win at least one national championship in all four of these sports: baseball (2), basketball (men's - 1), football (11), and ice hockey (men's - 9). The Wolverines have won NCAA Division I national championships in women's field hockey (1), men's golf (2), men's gymnastics (3), women's softball (2), men's swimming and diving (11), men's tennis (1), and men's outdoor track and field (1). Overall, UM's 32 official NCAA Division I titles ranks eighth all-time, trailing only UCLA, Stanford University, USC, Oklahoma State, Arkansas, LSU, and Texas. In NCAA D1 men's sports only, UM ranks sixth all-time in championships behind USC, UCLA, Stanford, Oklahoma State, and Arkansas. UM's official NCAA Division I national championships have come from ten different sports - this broad-based success matches the University of Texas for fourth place in the NCAA record book. Only UCLA and Stanford, each with titles in 16 varying sports, and USC in 15, have more diverse championship histories than the Wolverines. The Wolverines' 32 official NCAA D1 titles are complemented by seven unofficial NCAA men's swimming and diving championships from 1927 through 1936, when no team championships were awarded; by men's trampoline NCAA titles in 1969 and 1970; and, by 11 unofficial NCAA/NCAA Division I football "consensus" championships recognized by the university, for a total of 52 national championships. In four additional seasons national number one rankings by at least one recognized authority were given to the UM football team. University of Michigan teams have also been national runners-up an incredible 39 times in 13 different sports: men's basketball (4), women's cross country (1), women's field hockey (1), men's golf (4), men's gymnastics (2), women's gymnastics (2), men's ice hockey (2), women's rowing (1), women's synchronized swimming (2 in AIAW), men's swimming and diving (13), women's swimming and diving (1), men's outdoor track and field (1), and wrestling (5).

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