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Abraham Lincoln National Heritage Area was created on 2008-05-08.

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Abraham Lincoln Birthplace National Historical Park was created on 1916-07-17.

Lincoln Heritage Handicap was created in 1976.

Abraham Lincoln in 1863 made it a national holiday.

Fort Abraham Lincoln was created in 1907.

Abraham Lincoln Brigade was created in 1937.

Abraham Lincoln University was created in 1996.

Abraham Lincoln Institute was created on 1997-06-09.

Abraham Lincoln Walks at Midnight was created in 1914.

Abraham Lincoln Memorial Bridge was created in 1987.

Abraham Lincoln Memorial Garden was created in 1936.

Abraham Lincoln - train - was created in 1935.

National Heritage Memorial Fund was created in 1980.

National Fishing Heritage Centre was created in 1991.

National Heritage Foundation of Bangladesh was created in 2007.

National Heritage List for England was created in 2011.

Abraham Lincoln - Morse books - was created in 1899.

The Dramatic Life of Abraham Lincoln was created on 1924-01-21.

Abraham Lincoln - film - was created on 1930-11-08.

Rivers of Steel National Heritage Area was created in 1996.

South Carolina National Heritage Corridor was created in 1996.

Castlemaine Diggings National Heritage Park was created in 2002.

South Park National Heritage Area was created in 2009.

Mississippi Hills National Heritage Area was created in 2009.

Korea National University of Cultural Heritage was created in 2000.

Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies was created on 2012-05-29.

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