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Q: When was Amy leigh hickman 13?
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What country is Amy Leigh Hickman from?

Amy Leigh Hickman is half English and half Arabic.

Does Amy leigh hickman have sister sister?

Are kia pegg and amy leigh hickman related

Is richerd wisker married to Amy leigh hickman?

no, Richard wisker is not married to Amy-leigh hickman. he is 16 years old and she is 13 years, she is too young to be married

Does Amy Leigh-Hickman have a sister?

Yes she does her name is Abby Hickman.

How old is Amy-leigh hickman off of Tracy beaker returns?

Amy Leigh-Hickman (Carmen) is 11 in Tracy Beaker Returns but 14 in 2012.

How old is Amy-leigh Hickman from Tracy Beaker returns?

she is 13 years old young right :)

What school does Amy hickman?

Amy Leigh Hickman attended The St Leonard's Academy until July this year.

Where can you meet Amy leigh hickman?

in the garden

Where does Amy Leigh-Hickman live?


How tall is Amy-leigh Hickman?


Does amy leigh hickman have a blackberry?

No she doesnt.

What is Amy Leigh Hickman from Tracy Beaker number?

WikiAnswers does not permit private details such as phone numbers to be posted, and no fan contact for Amy Leigh Hickman is currently known.

What is Amy-leigh hickman bbm pin?


How old does Amy leigh hickman act?


What phone does Amy leigh hickman have?

a BlackBerry :P

How old is Amy leigh hickman 2012?

Amy is 14 now and she will be 15 in September :)

Does Amy leigh hickman have Facebook?

Nope she doesn't have facebook

Where was Amy-Leigh Hickman born?

16th September 1997.

What is Amy Leigh Hickman email address?

What year is Amy-leigh hickman in at school?

Year 9

How old is Amy-Leigh Hickman?

Amy-Leigh Hickman is 19 years old (birthdate September 16, 1997). * other sources give dates of September 15 or June 30

Does amy-leigh hickman have a brothers or sisters?

yes she does she has a sister called abby hickman but i am not sure if she has any brothers

When is Amy leigh Hickman's birthday?

16th Setember 1997 i think

Is Amy-leigh-hickman a christian?

No,she doesnt have any religion :0)

What is Carmen real name from Tracy beaker?

Amy-Leigh Hickman