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When was Australia settled?

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Australia was first settled on 26 January 1788, 18 years after James Cook had claimed the east coast for England, under the name of New South Wales.

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What country settled Australia?

Britain colonised Australia.

When did Christianity come to Australia?

When the English convicts settled in Australia.

Why did Captain Cook settle in Australia?

James Cook never settled in Australia. He was sent to explore whether there really was a great southern continent, but he never settled in Australia.

When did Britain invade Australia?

Britain did not invade Australia, Britain colonised and settled Australia.

Why did captain Cook settled in Australia?

Captain Cook did not settle in Australia.

Which continent were platypuses native to that was settled by British criminals?

Platypuses are native to Australia. Australia was originally settled by convicts, marines and officers from England.

Which was the first state to be settled by white settlers in Australia?

The first state to be settled by Europeans in Australia was New South Wales. It was settled by convicts, marines and officers who arrived with the First Fleet in 1788.

What was Georgia settled as?

Georgia was originally settled as a debtor's colony, kinda like Australia

When was South Australia first settled?


What year was Australia first settled?


Where did Aborigines first settled in Australia?

on the coast :)

What is the Early Colonization?

it was when the europeans settled in australia

Which country settled Australia?

great Brittan

Who Discovered Australia before Captian James Cook settled?

who discovered australia first

What is the capital of South Australia?

The capital of South Australia is Adelaide, first settled in 1836.

Why is English the first language in Australia?

Australia was founded and settled by English-speaking people.

What is Ireland's tie to Australia?

A lot of Irish people were transported to Australia when it was originally settled.

What state was last settled in Australia?

Vladimir Putin

How did the settlement of Australia and New Zealand affect the native people there?

where did the new Zealand settled in Australia

When was the first colony settled in Australia?

The first colony was established in Australia on 26 January 1788.

Which state in Australia was first settled by English settlers?

All of the states in Australia are first settled by English settlers in one form or another - either as convicts, military or free settlers. New South Wales was the first state to be settled.

When was Carindale-QLD-Australia settled?

in 1775

Was Britain happy that Arthur Phillip settled Australia?


Why was Australia settled?

Australia was settled for a number of reasons, but the primary reason was that it was settled as a convict outpost for Britain's excess convicts. The first European settlers in Australia were mainly convicts from England, together with the officers and the marines who guarded them. They arrived on the First Fleet, a fleet of eleven ships. Australia was first settled on 26 January 1788, 18 years after James Cook had claimed the east coast for England, under the name of New South Wales.

What European nation first settled Australia?

The first organised selement of Australia by Europeans Came From Britain.