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When was Austria invaded during World War 2?

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on 12 March 1938, German troops occupied Austria, and Hitler proclaimed its Anschluss with Germany, annexing it to the Third Reich.

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Who did great Britain declare war on during world war 2?

Germany after they invaded poland, austria, and france

What date was Austria invaded by Germany in World War 2?

Austria was not invaded by Germany. Austria was ANNEXED by Germany about 1938. Austria did not try to prevent the annexing. That is reason after WW2 Austria was not considered as a German partner during WW2

What did Austria want during world war 1?

Nothing, they weren't really involved, but Germany invaded them, Chekoslovakia, Ugoslavia, Poland and a few others. So Austria was invaded by Nazi Germany.

What are all the places that Hitler invaded during World War 2?

France, Italy, Russia, Austria hungary

WHO was France was invaded by during World war II?

France was invaded by Germany during World War II.

When did world war war 1 start?

August 1914, when Germany invaded Belgium and Austria-Hungary invaded Serbia.

When was Austria invaded by Germany in World War 2?

Austria was invaded in March 1938, more than a year before WWII started.

What army invaded Amsterdam during World War 2?

no Amsterdam was not invaded during the world war ver.2

Who invaded France during World War 2 II?

Germany invaded France during World War II.

What countries did Hitler invaded before World War 2?

Czechoslovakia and Austria

Who was France invaded by in world war ii?

france was invaded by Germany and Italy during world war 2

In the war of the Austrian succession who invaded who?

Prussia invaded Austria.

Who invaded the first country in world war 2?

Adolf Hitler invaded Poland after democratically seizing Austria and Czechoslovakia

Who was invaded first in World War 2 Czechoslovakia or Austria?

Czechoslovakia. Much of Czechoslovakia (Sudetenland) was already under the control of the Nazi's, the rest was invaded in 1939. Austria was never "invaded" but reunified in 1938.

When did ottomans invade Hungary Austria?

Austria-Hungary was never invaded by the Ottoman Empire. And in fact, they were World War I allies.

Who invaded Czechoslovakia during World War 2?

The Nazis invaded Czechoslovakia.

Which country invaded France and the benelux countries during world war 2?

It was Germany,that invaded the Benelux countries and France during World War II.

Who began World War I?

Austria-Hungary and Serbia. Austria-Hungary invaded Serbia's privacy and Serbia assassinated Austria-Hungary's future Archduke.

Why did Austria declare war on Russia?

Because Russia Invaded Austria.

Was England invaded during the 2 world war?


What month was France invaded during world war 2?

France was invaded in May.

What two European nations were invaded by Germany before World War 2?

Austria and Czechoslovakia.

Who was the emperor of Austria during World War 1?

Emperor of Austria-Hungary during WW1Franz Josef I of Austria

What was the first country Germany invaded?

In World War 1, the first country Germany invaded was Belgium and France. In World War 2, the first country Germany invaded was Poland. Germany annexed Austria before the war through a variety of Nazi actions within Austria, and it took land from Czechoslovakia, also before the war. It was the German invasion of Poland that began the war.

Did Austria-Hungary invade Bulgaria?

No, Austria - Hungary allied with Bulgaria (and Germany) in the First World War. It was invaded by the Allies in 1916.