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When was Ben Franklin President?

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Benjamin Franklin was one of the Founding Fathers and a genius. He helped create the American system of government. However, he never served as president.

However, in 1785 he was elected as President of Pennsylvania Executive Council which, in those days was a position similar to a governor. Another interesting fact, Benjamin Franklin is one of only two non-presidents to appear on US paper currency. Franklin appears on the US$100 bill; Alexander Hamilton appears on the US$10 bill.

The last statement above needs a modifier. Salmon P. Chase is on the $10,000 bill, of which, according to the US Treasury, there are still 336 known to be in circulation.

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Which president was ben Franklin?

Ben Franklin was never a president.

Was Ben Franklin a president?

No, Benjamin Franklin was never president.

Was Ben Franklin ever president?


Was ben Franklin an American President?


Is ben Franklin president?

No, he never was.

What number presindent is Benjamin Franklin?

Ben Franklin was not president.

Who was ben Franklin's vice president?

Ben Franklin was too old to be president, so he never had a vice-president or cabinet.

Was Ben Frankilin ever president?

Benjamin Franklin was never president

Who is the vice president of Benjamin frankelin?

Ben Franklin was never a president

Who was Benjamin Franklin after he became president?

ben Franklin was not a president but the 1st president is George Washington and the second one is john Adams

Did Michele Bachmann say Ben Franklin was a president?


How many terms are served while Benjamin Franklin is president in Pennsylvania?

Ben Franklin was President of Pennsylvania for 3 years

Is Ben Franklin one of the founding fathers?

yes he was but not a president

Was Benjamin Franklin the 6th president of Pennsylvania?

yes ben was the 6th president of Pennsylvania?

What year was ben Franklin elected President?

He was never president. He never ran for president and was never vice president.

Is Benjamin Franklin on the dime?

No, Ben Franklin (Benjamin Franklin) is not in any way on the dime. It is actually President Franklin Delano Roosevelt who is on the dime!

Why wasn't Benjamin Franklin ever president?

Ben Franklin never wanted to be president. He believed himself to be too old and too unwise.

What did ben Franklin have in common with Thomas Jefferson?

they were both president of us

What year was Ben Franklin president?

Benjamin Franklin was never president of the United States. He never ran for the office. He never was Vice president. He never served as the President of the United States.

Who changed the US the most?

President Ben Franklin who made the Louisiana Purchase

Is ben Franklin the only non president on currency?

No, Hamilton is another one.

What does Ben Franklin like?

what does Ben Franklin likes

Which president is on the 1960 50 cent piece?

The 1960 half dollar does not feature a president, instead it has Ben Franklin on it.

Who was president when Benjamin Franklin was born?

Nobody. The United States did not come into existence until 1776 and Franklin was born in 1706. When Ben Franklin was born, there was no President. America was still a collection of British colonies.

Was Benjamin Franklin the 1st president?

George Washington is actually the first president of the United States of America while Ben Franklin was never a president at all. Ben Franklin does receive the distinction of being the only person who was not a president whose face is on American currency. Ben Franklin's face graces the $100 dollar bill. (Thus when you hear the term "It's all about the Franklins" it refers to something being all about the money involved)