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When was Big Ben built?

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Big Ben is the name popularly applied to the clock tower in London. However, it is actually the nickname for the exceptionally large hour bell installed inside the tower.

The Big Ben tower project was completed on April 10, 1858 and is still working properly. In 1856 the large bell was cast, but it was broken before it could be installed. The replacement bell was cast in 1858, but the hammer inside the bell cracked it in 1859. They simply turned the bell and made the hammer smaller to prevent any more damage, and Big Ben was considered finished.

The original bell, weighing 16 tons, was cast on August 6, 1856, by John Warner and Sons, in Stockton-on-Tees. The bell was apparently named after Sir Benjamin Hall, whose name was inscribed on it. Unfortunately, the bell cracked beyond repair during testing and a replacement had to be fashioned.

The replacement bell (made partly from the old one) weighs 13.5 tons, and was fashioned at Whitechapel Bell Foundry in 1858. It took 18 hours to pull the bell 200 ft up to its resting place in the Clock Tower's belfry. It is 2.2 metres tall and 2.9 metres wide. This new bell first chimed in July 1859. Only two months after it was installed, it too cracked.

According to the foundry's manager, George Mears, the clock designer (Edmund Denison) had used a 672-pound hammer, more than twice the maximum weight specified. For three years Big Ben was taken out of commission and the hours were struck on the lowest of the quarter bells until it was reinstalled. To make the repair, a square piece of metal was chipped out from the rim around the crack, and the bell turned so the new hammer struck in a different place. Big Ben has chimed with a slight distortion ever since. The bell is still in use today complete with the crack.

In 2012 the tower was renamed 'The Queen Elizabeth Tower' ('Elizabeth Tower') in celebration of the Queens Diamond Jubilee.

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When was big ben started to be built?

Big Ben was finished built in 1858

Was big ben built in 1859?

Yes, Big Ben was built in 1859.

Who built Big Ben and when was it built?

Big Ben, the famous clock tower of London, was built Between 1858-1859. Charles Barry built the Big Ben tower. :)(:

What date was big ben built?

the big ben was built on the 10th of april 1858

Who was Big Ben built for?

The Government of the United Kingdom built Big Ben as a gift to Londoners.

Was Big Ben built in the Tudor times?

no, Big Ben was built between 1858-1859.:)

What year as big ben built?

big ben was built in 1859

How much did the Big Ben cost when it got built?

How much did Big Ben cost?

When did they start to built big ben?


Was Big Ben built in the same year as the London Eye?

Big Ben was completed in 1859. The London Eye was built for the Y2000 Millennium celebrations.

What was the style of architecture used for big ben?

Big Ben (Elizabeth Tower) was built in the Gothic style.

What is Big Ben here for?

Big Ben was built for Londoners to tell the time. It was a gift from the Government of the time.

For whom was big ben built for?

Big Ben was built after the The old Palace of Westminster was burnt in a fire on October 16th, 1834Messrs Dent and Co. built Big Ben for the Palace owners. They were paid large amounts of Pence and Gold. The new big Ben was attacked again on November 5th,1601 but was too Superior for such attempt..................../\....................................|O|...................................| |....................................| |......................................| | ................................---- .............

Who funded big ben?

Big Ben was built and paid for by the Government of the time, using tax payers money.

Where was big ben built?

in WhiteChapel Foundry in London

What year was big ben built?

It was completed in 1859

How many people built Big Ben?


Was Big Ben standing in 1659?

No. It was built in 1864

Who first built Big Ben?

John Nicklesen

Why was Big Ben built and for whom?

Big Ben was built for the people of London so they were able to tell the time. Not many people would have watches in those early days.

What was the reason why Big Ben was built?

cause they didnt have clocks then and they only built one

When was big ben originally built?

Big Ben Was Made on 10 April 1858.Big Ben is the nickname for the great bell of the clock at the north end of the Palace of Westminster in London.

When was the hour glass made?

big ben was built i n1558

When did big ben first start being built?

Around stoneage.

When was the Big Ben Clock built?

The Big Ben bell in London is located inside the Elizabeth Clock Tower. The Big Ben bell was cast in 1858 and began being used in a year later in 1959.

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