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When was Charles Lindbergh's famous cross-Atlantic flight?


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Charles Lindbergh made his famous non-stop flight across the Atlantic from May 20 to 21 of 1927. He flew from Roosevelt Field in Garden City, New York to Le Bourget Field in Paris, France.

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Total flight time: 33 hours, 30 minutes, 29.8 seconds.

In the 1900's when Lindberghs famous journey. He wanted to start it in San Diego. He did this because he was in a current realtionship with his partner Kali Barisano. When he wanted to take flight he thought it was reasonablly exceptable to take flight where his loved one was

which demonstrated the potential of the airplane as a safe, reliable mode of transportation-still stands as one of the greatest individual achievements of all time.

Charles Lindbergh's flight across the Atlantic ocean occured in 1927; the first atomic bomb dropped in 1945. Therefore, Charles Lindbergh's famous flight occured first.

Charles Lindberg was famous for the first successful flight across the Atlantic Ocean,he also flew alone.

the spirit of st. Louis was Charles Lindbergh's famous airplane. It was the plane that he flew his famous transatlantic solo flight.

The first pilot flying solo on a nonstop transatlantic flight.

He was the first one to make a non-stop flight over the Atlantic Ocean in 1927. The flight took 33 hours.

The first Civil Rights enactment occured in 1875. Charles Lindburgh took his famous flight trip in 1927. The first atomic bomb was dropping in 1945. Therefore, the Civil Rights bill enactment occured first.

She did not feel weird about it, she liked it and felt proud. It was a after the Famous Charles Lindbergh made his solo flight around the world.

The first Civil Rights bill was enacted in 1875. World War One ended in 1918. Charles Lindbergh took his famous flight trip in 1927. The first atomic bomb was dropped in 1945. Therefore, the first Civil Rights bill enactment occured first.

The flight from Newcastle, UK to Charles De Gaul, France is approximately 1 hour and 50 minutes long. This is a non-stop flight operated by Air France.

Her intrests in becoming a pilot was sparked when in 1929, she met the Australian pilot, Charles Kinsford-Smith who took her for a flight in his famous plane, The Southern Cross. He became famous by being the first to fly from America to Australia.

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Charles Lindbergh completed his historic flight by landing in Le Bourget, France.

Charles Lindbergh completed a solo flight across the Atlantic.

Charles Lindbergh made the first solo flight across the Atlantic.

Her flight across the Atlantic as a passenger in 1928 made her famous.

It took Charles Lindbergh 33 hours and 32 minutes to get to his destination.

He flew the first flight from New York to Paris.

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