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Q: When was Eclipse foaled?
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Homonym of fold?


What is a homophone for cocoon?

wrap, rap fold, foaled

When is your horse to old to have a baby?

If the mare has never foaled before I wouldn't breed her after the age of 15. If she is in good shape and has foaled before 18 to 20 years old.

What is considered a thoroughbred horse's birthday?

January 1st of the year foaled.

What is a female equine who as foaled and is still producing milk called?


Was secretariat race horse ever in Doswell Va?

Yes, he was foaled there.

What it it called when a horse gives birth?

In the action, it is called foaling. Afterwards, foaled.

Has La Ville Rouge foaled yet for 2009?

Don't think so...Not sure.

What does it mean if a horse has foaled?

The horse has given birth to a baby horse called a foal.

What was the oldest living horse's name?

The oldest living horse on record was Old Billy, he was foaled in 1760 and passed away in 1822 at the age of 62.The second oldest horse on record was Shayne, a liver chestnut crossbred foaled in 1962 and passed away in 2013 at age 51.The oldest living pony was Sugar Puff, who was foaled in 1951 and passed away in 2007 at age 56.

What is the plural form of the mare gave birth to a foal?

The mare gave birth to foals...the mares foaled.

Is An eclipse of the sun is called a lunar eclipse?

No. An eclipse of the sun is called a solar eclipse. A lunar eclipse is an eclipse of the moon.

Is eclipse different from solar eclipse?

eclipse is of two kinds- solar eclipse and lunar eclipse

Who bred Phar Lap?

Alick Roberts bred Phar Lap who was foaled in Seadown Stud in New Zealand.

When is it to late to check a mare in foal?

It is never too late to check a mare in foal, until after the mare has foaled.

How do you breed a lunar eclipse dragon in DragonVale?

You can breed a Lunar Eclipse dragon using the following combinations: Lunar Eclipse and Lunar Eclipse, Lunar Eclipse and Solstice, Equinox and Lunar Eclipse, Blue Moon and Lunar Eclipse, Lunar Eclipse and Solar Eclipse, Lunar Eclipse and Moon, and Lunar Eclipse and Sun.

Is an eclipse of the sun called a lunar eclipse?

No. An eclipse of the sun is called a solar eclipse.

What are the Different kinds of eclipse?


Is the solar eclipse different from the eclipse?

The soler eclipse is diffrent from the normal eclipse because the soler eclipse is when the moon crosses the sun and the normal eclipse is when the sun crosess the moon.

A solar eclipse is an eclipse of sun or moonor earth?

A solar eclipse is of the Sun. There is no eclipse of the Earth (think about it).

What was the name of the recent eclipse?

It was either a lunar eclipse or a solar eclipse.

What book is eclipse based on?

The movie, Eclipse, is based on the book, Eclipse.

How many different types of eclipse are there?

There is the Lunar Eclipse and the Solar Eclipse.

Did Hipparchus predict a lunar eclipse or a solar eclipse?

A solar eclipse.

Is there a friesian stallion named blue fire?

yes, there was a stallion that was a friesian named blue fire. he also bred with something super who foaled Bency who was a pure bred filly friesian. she is now at a ranch in Kentucky where she died after she first foal on November 17, 1999. something super was foaled may 10, 1989 and died shortly after a tragic happening on august 6, 2001. Blue fire was foaled on December 9, 1988. he died of old age January 13, 2000.