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Free Soil Party was created in 1848.


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The Free-Soil party was created in 1848 to keep slavery out of the western territories.

The Free Soil Party. The party was created to stop slavery from expanding into western territories. Later they reformed into the Republican Party.

Created by Whigs and Democrats in 1848, it was an abolitionist's party. It was against slavery.

Because of the debate over slavery

The Free Soil party Fought Against slavery.

The difference between the Tea Party and the Free Soil party was that the free soil party had different views and tactics of how things should be ran.

The Free-Soil Party was a political party in the U.S. from 1845-1852 and their slogan was 'Free Soil, Free Speech, Free Labor and Free Men' this was inscribed on their banner. The Free Soil Party contended that slavery undermined the dignity of labor it also said it inhibited social mobility, and was therefore fundamentally not the Democratic Party.

"Free soil, free speech, free labor, and free men."

The slogan of the Free Soil Party.

The Free Soil Party split the vote of the Democratic Party, resulting in Zachary Taylor winning the election of 1848. The Free Soil Party was in existence from 1848 to 1854.

Tad was in the free soil party and he started the Civil War

In addition to opposing the extension of slavery, the platform backed a homestead law and a tariff for revenue. The party slogan was "free soil, free speech, free labor, and free men." Though carrying no states for president, the party did elect two U.S. senators and fourteen representatives. It was absorbed into the newly formed Republican party in 1854.

the republican party abolished slavery and it was created from former members of the wig party the free soil party and the democrat party

The Free Soil Party does not exist anymore. It became part of the Republican Party in 1854. When it was around it was headquartered in Lawrence, Kansas.

They opposed slavery in the "free soil" of western territories

The Free-Soil Party opposed the expansion of slavery into the Western territories. The Free-Soil Party did not have a candidate in the 1860 election. The new Republican Party was founded replacing the Free-Soil Party. In the 1860 election the Republican Party nominated Abraham Lincoln with a platform that promised not to interfere with slavery in the states, but opposed the further extension of slavery into the territories.

Basically, the Free Soil Party wanted slavery banned in any territory the U.S. owned or acquired.

it is a party for keeping free soil and not for setting men free.

The Free Soil Party was a political party between 1848 and 1852. It was founded to stop the spread of slavery, and can be seen as an example of the abolitionist movement.

The free soil party promoted the Wilmot Proviso. They were an anti-slavery group who essential promoted abolition.

Free England Party was created in 2008.

Free Trade Party was created in 1889.

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