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When was GameCube Memory Card 1019 made?

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Does the Psp 3000 need a memory card made just for the psp or can it be a regular memory card?

It needs a Memory Stick brand memory card, which is a special one made by Sony for Sony products.

How much is a memory card?

It depends on:How much memory the card hasWho made the cardWhere the card is being soldA 16GB memory card on average is between £4-£8 ($6-$12USD), depending on who made it and who is selling it.A 32GB memory card on average is between £10-£22 ($16-$35USD), depending on who made it and who is selling it.

Is a Wii version of Super Mario Sunshine being made?

Nintendo currently has no plans to make a Wii version of Super Mario Sunshine. However, because it is a Gamecube game you can still play it on the Wii as long as you have a Gamecube controller and a memory card to save your game with.

Which is the memory card for psp?

You need a 'memory stick' which is made by Sony for use on Sony products.

Can a micro sd memory card be used in a psp or ps vita?

No, both use proprietary memory sticks made by Sony. The PSP uses the Pro Duo memory stick, the Vita uses a PSVita Memory Card. This is not the same as a Micro SD card and it is not compatible with one.

Is a GameCube and a Xbox the same?

No, Nintendo made the GameCube and Microsoft make the Xbox. The GameCube is quiet old now.

Where was the GameCube made?


What is a GameCube controller?

A Gamecube Controller is the standard controller for the Nintendo Gamecube console. The controller allows players to play the video games made for the Nintendo Gamecube.

When was the Nintendo GameCube made?

In 1969

When was the GameCube made and released?


Where can you buy a Nintendo GameCube portable?

There is no retail portable GameCube. The portable GameCube consoles that you see are fan-made, and thus, aren't for sale.

Does all blackberry phones use the same memory card?

I think it depends on the version and what year it was made.

Will any wii games be made for GameCube?

Yes all wii games will work on a gamecube

Will Super Smash Bros Brawl EVER be on GameCube?

I DOUBT IT. ITS ONLY ON THE WII. THATS BECAUSE THIS IS ONE OF THE MOST ANTICIPATED GAMES EVER, AND SOME PEOPLE BUY THE SYSTEM SO THEY CAN PLAY THAT ONE GAME.THE PEOPLE WHO MAKE SMASH BROS. AND THE WII ARE PARTNERED UP SO THEY CAN MAKE MONEY. The people who made Smash Bros. are the same people who made the Wii. Chances are, nearly all of Nintendo's games are now going to come out for either the Wii or the DS, since the Gamecube might as well be dead now. Either way, the Wii is currently the cheapest console out there, although its popularity has made it near impossible to find in stores. If you don't have enough money to buy a Wii, sell your Gamecube if you have one; the Wii can play Gamecube games, and has Gamecube controller and memory card ports. - Hametsu

Can downloaded games run on ps2?

How would you play a download. The games would not be a download and would be a burnt game that didn't work if you made a disc from your download. They would also be a memory card that did not work if you put it on a memory card

Why did the people who created GameCube stop having games made for it?

No more GameCube games are being made because the GameCube is no longer in production. Nintendo moved on to new consoles, which are the Wii and currently, the Wii U.

Who made the GameCube?


Is Call of Duty 3 made for GameCube?

No it is not

Is there a shadow the hedgehog for wii?

Technically, no. Shadow The Hedgehog was released in November 2005, almost exactly one year before the Wii was made available. However, the game was released onto the GameCube, and provided you have the proper controllers, memory cards, etc. the Wii can play GameCube games.

Which brands produce the memory stick Pro Duo of 8 GB capacity?

SanDisk is the company which produces the 8GB Memory Stick Pro Duo. Strangely, it's not a memory stick - it's a memory card. It's made to use in your camera.

How much memory does it take for your average PS2 game?

For game saves and that kind of thing the 8 MB memory card was the largest Sony made for the PS2 which did not include a HDD

Information about the playstation 2 64MB memory card?

What information do you need? Well. It have a space on 64 MB. It can be used with the PS 2 console. Sony made it. ( Or there is other companies which also have made memory cards for it too)

Why aren't new GameCube games being made?

The gamecube has been discontinued and replaced with Nintendo's new Wii console (Gamecube games are playable on the Wii, however).

What is the thing called that has the obituary on it that you get at a funeral?

The card you are referring to has different names, such as:Remembrance CardMemory or Memorial CardObituary card - infrequent name.It is usually made from a heavier stock paper. It might be laminated on both sides.

Have they made red dead redemption for GameCube?

no u tard they dont even make gamecube games anymore.