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When was Harriet Tubman born?


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June 07, 2011 6:47PM

Although some sources list that Harriet Tubman was born on March 10th, 1820,

her actual date of birth is likely between 1820 and 1822, and possibly as late as 1825.

Records were not organized or centralized, especially for slaves, during that period.
Harriet Tubman was born in 1820 and she died March 10, 1913 at the age 93.
Since Harriet Tubman was a slave, her owner did not record her birthdate. Yet they did record her year. Slaves were not really appreciated during that time didn't really matter to anyone. Harriet Tubman herself did not know her birthdate.
Harriet Tubman was born sometime in 1820 or 1821. Being born a slave her exact date of birth was not recorded. See the link below for more.
BIRTH DATE: c.1820. Because she was a slave, and owners did not record their slaves' birthdates, the exact date of Harriet's birth is unknown -- different accounts list 1820 or 1821.

BIRTH PLACE: Edward Brodas plantation near Bucktown, Dorchester County, Maryland.
No body really knows the day she was born but we know the year. it was 1820 or 1821
Harriet Tubaman was born into slavery in 1820.