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I Can See for Miles - Yunie song - was created in 1990.


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See If I Care - song - was created in 1990-01.

It is just a statement as the Who did sing that song

If You Could See Me Now - song - was created in 1946.

See You Around Sometime - song - was created in 2005.

I'll See You in My Dreams - song - was created in 1924.

I See It Now - song - was created on 1994-08-29.

The World as I See It - song - was created on 2011-09-20.

I See Red - Split Enz song - was created in 1978-12.

It's "I Can See For Miles", which is the fourth song by The Who to be used for a CSI theme song.

Can't You See - The Marshall Tucker Band song - was created in 1976-07.

Benny & Joon (see related link below on IMDB)

I Believe It Was Helter Skelter Written To "Top" I Can See For Miles By The Who.

The song is called A Million Miles An Hour by Eastern Conference Champions. Its on the Twilight Saga: Eclipse soundtrack.

can i see the song of el mechon in a clarnet song can i see the song of el mechon in a clarnet song can i see the song of el mechon in a clarnet song

The song playing in the background of the Miller Lite see and say commercial is instrumental. There is no credit given to and artist. It is possible that the piece was created just for the commercial.

Miles and miles are the same measurement. Therefore, he would be able to see 12 miles.

They only had one top 10 hit in the usa: I can see for miles reached number 9 in 1967

In the US, their only top 10 hit was "I can see for miles", which reached number 9 in October, 1967

Do you mean the song "I see something in your eyes tonight"? If so, that song is by Shonlock.

Are you talking about the song "do you see what i see"

John Montagna created an original song for the WFT podcast intro. See the process of him creating it on youtube. Link in related links.

There is a song named "What you Get is What you See" that is sung by Tina Turner.

the meaning of this song is>>> the fact that a woman is longing to see her mate and she will do anything to see him. and she wonders what he is doing that very instant and she just wants to hold him... its all in the lyrics -- anonymous

One can find the lyrics in Miley's autobiography 'Miles To Go' as a liner note draft. It is also possible to find the lyrics to this song on sites such as Metrolyrics and Azlyrics.

See See the Sun was created in 1972-10.

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