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When was Lexington and concord?


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January 09, 2017 2:46PM

Lexington and Concord was a event that happened in 1775. The Sons of Liberty were storing guns and ammunition in Concord, but on the night of April 18 a patrol of British troops came ashore in Charlestown to go to Concord to collect the guns. Three colonial men were assigned the task to warn the men in Concord, but of the three only one made it to the town. Revere was stopped by a British patrol and his horse taken away. Dawes fell off his horse leaving Dr. Prescott to finish the ride. None of them yelled " the British are coming " because EVERYONE was British. In Lexington the 77 men of the town were waiting for the British and someone fired a shot starting a small battle. Several men died and the British burned houses then moved on to Concord. When they got to Concord colonists were waiting for them and a battle took place at the bridge of Concord, but that wasn't the end of it. As the British marched back to Boston colonists shot at them from behind fences and trees. The British thought this was poor form. The troops were in bad shape by the time reached Boston. The legend that is told about this event comes from Longfellow in 1861 when he wrote a poem about the ride of Revere.