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When was Linda Elvira born?

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Linda Elvira was born on September 1, 1966.

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What is the birth name of Linda Zilliacus?

Linda Zilliacus's birth name is Linda Elvira Gyllenberg.

When was Elvira Rawson born?

Elvira Rawson was born in 1864.

When was Elvira Garner born?

Elvira Garner was born in 1886.

When was Elvira Madigan born?

Elvira Madigan was born in 1867.

When was Pablo Elvira born?

Pablo Elvira was born in 1937.

When was Elvira Possekel born?

Elvira Possekel was born in 1953.

When was Elvira Khasyanova born?

Elvira Khasyanova was born in 1981.

When was Elvira Bach born?

Elvira Bach was born in 1951.

When was Elvira Casazza born?

Elvira Casazza was born in 1887.

When was Elvira Arellano born?

Elvira Arellano was born in 1975.

When was Elvira Mendes born?

Elvira Mendes was born in 996.

When was Elvira Holzknecht born?

Elvira Holzknecht was born in 1973.

When was Elvira Heras born?

Elvira Heras was born in 1969, in Spain.

When was Elvira Lindo born?

Elvira Lindo was born on January 23, 1962.

When was Elvira Vinogradova born?

Elvira Vinogradova was born on June 16, 1934.

When was Elvira Maslova born?

Elvira Maslova was born on August 28, 1938.

When was Elvira Saadi born?

Elvira Saadi was born on 1952-01-02.

When was Elvira Nabiullina born?

Elvira Nabiullina was born on 1963-10-29.

When was Elvira Popescu born?

Elvira Popescu was born on 1894-05-10.

When was Elvira Gascón born?

Elvira Gascón was born on 1911-05-17.

When was Elvira Todua born?

Elvira Todua was born on 1986-01-31.

When was Narciso Elvira born?

Narciso Elvira was born on 1967-10-29.

When was Elvira Kurt born?

Elvira Kurt was born on 1961-12-09.

When was Elvira Nikolaisen born?

Elvira Nikolaisen was born on 1980-07-16.

When was Elvira Out born?

Elvira Out was born on June 23, 1968, in Cardiff, Wales, UK.

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