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Maracaibo was founded in 1529 by Ambrosius Ehinger on the western side of Lake Maracaibo which is the dominant feature of the oil-rich Maracaibo Basin. Favoured by prevailing winds and a protected harbour, the city is located on the shores of the lake where the narrows, which eventually lead to the Gulf of Venezuela, first become pronounced.

For about 390 years, Maracaibo remained isolated and separated from the rest of the country. Transportation was only possible across the lake by ferry or other marine transport.

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Q: When was Maracaibo Venezuela founded?
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Lake Maracaibo is located in Venezuela.

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The approximate depth of Lake Maracaibo is 197 feet. Lake Maracaibo is a large bay that is located in Venezuela.

Where is Lake Maracaibo located?

It is in Venezuela.

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i don't really get it

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