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When was Michael Jackson opus released?


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2009-09-05 16:55:45
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It isn't released until the 7th of December.

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They are selling the opus on eBay and on the official Michael Jackson website. www.MichaelJackson.com

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depends on where you live...... mine took 5 months so! but its amazing when it comes!

The definitive photographic tribute with exclusive and unseen images.It's the the definitive photographic tribute to Michael with exclusive and unseen images.

The Essential Michael Jackson was released in 2005.

Got to be there was the first album released by Michael Jackson as a solo artist.

They are very expensive. On Amazon they range from £315 to £599, eBay the prices range from £299 to £615.

it was released in 1983. REST IN PEACE MICHAEL JACKSON.

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Michael released history in 1995.

The song that made Michael Jackson famous is "Thriller" released in 1982.

Michael Jackson released 23 singles before the Thriller single was released. Of those 17 of them were released before the Thriller album.

Opus - 2011 was released on: USA: 2011

Yes, it will be released early next year.

It was released November 27, 1995.

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The Michael Jackson album "Invincible" was released on October 30, 2001. Jackson had been working on the album for over four years before it was released, and the album contained three hit singles.

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