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The first time Norway is mentioned with a name in historical sources, it was still an undefined area. When the chieftain and explorer Ottar met the king of England in the 9th century, his story of the homeland was written down. He calls it Norðvegr, which is directly translated to "north way", not so far from "Norway". Here, the word has evolved into "Noreg", and I suppose that the Dano-Norwegian "Norge" is the Danish version.
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Where is Norway?

Norway is in northern Europe, in the Scandinavian Penisula. It has borders with Sweden, Finland and Russia. It is the western and northern part of the Scandinavian Penisula. The Norwegian Sea, The Barents Sea, and The North sea all make up its borders.

Why is Norway wealthy?

Norway has the second lowest unemployment rate in Europe. There is also a lot of oil off of Norway's coast.

Who does Norway trade with?

Norway trades with the neighbouring countries in it's reach, Estonia, russia, Finland, Latvia and denmark are all examples of those particular neighbouring countries

What borders Norway?

Finland, Sweden and Russia. North: North Pole South: North Sea, Denmark, United Kingdome East: Sweden West: Norwegian Sea, Iceland

What is a Norway rat?

Are you talking about Rattus Norvegicus ?. (This is information from Wikipedia which you easily could have gotten yourself). It's often called called Brown Rat in English. It is the dominant rat in Europe and parts of North America, big and brown, and the most successfull mammal in the world next ( Full Answer )

What does Norway produce?

The CIA World Factbook lists Norways industries as " petroleum and gas, food processing, shipbuilding, pulp and paper products, metals, chemicals, timber, mining, textiles, fishing" . Its agricultural products include "barley, wheat, potatoes; pork, beef, veal, milk; fish" . Some of Norways most im ( Full Answer )

Why is Norway called Norway?

Norway means "way to the north." Norway is north, so it makes sense why that is the meaning. i am very glad to help answer your question! True, about a thousand years ago it was called "Norðrvegr" meaning what the above answer says. Over time the name changed to "Norge".

What is there in Norway?

Fjords, mountains, (a lot of) trees, farms, long coast-line, fish (salmon), snow, skiing, glaciers, moose (american) = elk (european). Aha, Petter Solberg, Madcon, Marion Ravn, Dennis Storhoi (+++) are some Norwegian celebrities... Moods of Norway...

Is the name osborne from Norway?

It's an English name influenced by the Old Norse Ásbjørn . So, in a roundabout way it is from Norway, although Osborne isn't actually a name in Norway.

How did Norway get its name?

Norway means "way to the north" which actually makes sence since Norway is very far north. And about a thousand years ago Norway was called "Norðrvegr" which actually means "way to the north". "Norðrvegr" over time changed to "Norge" or "Noreg" because of the natural change in the language. So ( Full Answer )

How can you get to Norway?

From where? From America you can fly from Newark with Continental or from Philadelphia with US Airways or any other airline with a stop over in a European city. From the UK you can take a ferry, plane, bus, train or just go by car. Same with mostly other European citys. From other countries ( Full Answer )

What are the names of the mountains in Norway?

There are very many mountains in Norway. Here is a list of the 20 highest one. . Galdhøpiggen - 2469 m high . Glittertind - 2465 m high . Store Skagastølstinden - 2405 m high . Store Styggedalstinden - 2387 m high . Store Skarstind - 2377 m high . Vesle Galdhøpiggen or Veslepiggen - ( Full Answer )

What does Norway do?

Norway is ranked #1 in the world on the Human Development Index. The country is the world's largest producer of oil and natural gas per capita outside of the Middle East. And they are also one of the founding members of the United Nations and one of it's largest financial contributors.

What are some names of the unusual land and water forms of Norway?

I think you are referring to fjords, the deep and narrow inlets formed by the Ice Age, but Norway is not the only country to have them. Inssofar as this contributor knows they are not called anything else, but the fjords are given individual names like any other geographical feature.

Names of mountains in Norway?

The two highest mountains in Norway are Glittertind and Galdhøpiggen. Glittertind is 2454 meters above sea level and Galdhøpiggen is 2469 meters, but if you're standing on top of all the ice and snow on Glittertind, you're higher than Galdhøpiggen.

What is the origin of the name of Farris lake in Norway?

I found an online reference (in related link, if you read Norwegian) saying this: * the earliest written reference to the name is from the 1500s * the name probably comes from "Fareids" * "far" means "track or road for travel" * "eid" (Old Norse) is "a narrow strip of land between two lakes" * the ( Full Answer )

How did they come up with the name for desarts in Norway?

the English word desert is transelated into these words in norwegian: etterlate, forlate, oppgi, ørken. I belive it is the word "ørken" you are wondering about? i have checked with all the norwegian dictionaries that i have and in all the wordbooks we have at school, but i can not find any ori ( Full Answer )

What are names of some Norway forests?

Forests in Norway generally do not have names - a forest is just a bunch of trees, which you can find pretty much everywhere, so we rarely see much point in naming them.

What is the official name of Norway?

The official name of the country, in English, is "The Kingdom ofNorway" . In Norwegian it is Kongeriket Norge (in NorwegianBokmål) and Kongeriket Noreg (in Norwegian Nynorsk)

Name the type of government Norway has?

It is called a "constitutional monarchy": We have a monarchy (like Sweden and UK), but the king is primarily a figurehead and officially prohibited from interfering in politics. But he does announce the official yearly opening of Parliament in the fall and the closing in the spring. The actual gove ( Full Answer )

What can you do in Norway?

You can do everything in Norway, You have almost all the opportunities available! Except walking in a dessert or climb a volcano. We do actually have a active volcano in Norway.

What was the name of Norways first king?

Questions which ask about the first kings always have to have a few waffle words as historians are picky. Harald Fairhair was the first king of Norway. The date of the start of his reign is 872 CE when he defeated other local kings at the Battle of Hafrsfjord. But since his kindom wasn't quite te ( Full Answer )

Name the line of latitude which passes through Norway?

The Arctic Circle is one of the five major circles of latitude that mark maps of the Earth . For Epoch 2010, it is the parallel of latitude that runs 66° 33′ 44″ ( or 66.562° ) north of the Equator . The Arctic Circle passes through the Arctic Ocean, the Scandinavian Peninsu ( Full Answer )

What is the name of a boreal forest in Norway?

Trillemarka , inland valley/hills area north of Oslo, the largest remaining old-growth forest in southern Norway, protected. Upper Dividal National Park , in the far north, southeast of Tromso. Also contains alpine tundra. Reisa National Park , east of Tromso, contains boreal pine and birch forest ( Full Answer )

Is Norway poor?

No Norway has a better welfare system and economy then we do in the U.S

What contenent is Norway in?

Norway lies in the extreme Northwest of EUROPEAN Continent, bordering with Sweden (at the Southeast, East and part of the North) and Finland and Russia (up in the North).

What hotel names in oslo Norway?

Thon Hotel , Thon Hotel Opera , Hotel Arena , Andrikken, Hotel Bondeheimen. Its loads more :S Try searching on google :) Hope this helped

What is the name of girl scout in Norway?

Most Norwegian scouts are in the non gender separated scout association "Norsk Speiderforbund", so all these scouts are called "speider" or (plural) "speidere".

What is the name of Norways monarchy?

Harald V (born 21 February 1937) is the king of Norway. He succeeded to the throne of Norway upon the death of his father Olav V on 17 January 1991. The son of the then-Crown Prince Olav and of Princess Märtha of Sweden, Harald was born at the Crown Prince Residence at Skaugum, Asker. A member ( Full Answer )

Why was Oslo Norway named oslo?

It is unknown, but some argue that it is put together from two old norwegian words; OS - river delta and LO - possibly an old name for one of the rivers running thru Oslo. This is however much debated

What is the name of the island country located between Greenland and Norway?

Iceland (/ˈaɪslənd/) (Icelandic : Ísland (names of Iceland) IPA: [ˈislant]) is a European island country in the North Atlantic Ocean on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. The Faroe Islands (Faroese : Føroyar , Danish : Færøerne ) are an island group situated between the Nor ( Full Answer )

What are the names of cities in Norway?

Oslo is the biggest city in Norway, and also the capital. That's certainly the most important city of Norway. Trondheim is also a famous city. Earlier it was the capital, but not anymore, though it's still a famous city. Bergen, Stavanger and Kristiansand are also large and famous cities.

What is Norway from hetalias real name?

As of right now, Norway doesn't have a human name yet. Though, according to a recent blog post, Himaruya has stated possible names for Norway, including Lukas Bondevik, Borre Thomassen, Bjorn, Kjetil, Knut, and Sigurd. Bondevik and Thomassen seem to be his potential names.

What is the name of the area comprised of Denmark Norway Sweden and Iceland?

No name exists exactly for these countries combined. But here are two conventions: Scandinavia: Norway and Sweden. Denmark is usually thrown in albeit incorrectly as Scandinavia is the name of the peninsula where Norway and Sweden lie. Nordic countries: Denmark (with Faeroe Islands and Greenla ( Full Answer )

Has the country Norway changed its name at all during its history?

Norway has always been Norge in some form or shape sinceit was made a country by Harald Hårfagre. The spelling of it haschanged throughout history, from early Norðrvegr, Norðweg and later on Norig and Norie. It has also beenreferred to as norðmannaland (northernmen country) , an ( Full Answer )

What name is famous in Norway?

Espen E-S-P-E-N (Es-Pen) is a name that is famous in Norway (Checkother websites to make sure its right)