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When was OCD discovered?

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Who discovered OCD and when?

Matt Meyer from Madison WI

Who doscovered OCD?

OCD was first discovered in 1963 Dr. Neil Bogusian and has been studied and researched since.

Who has ocd?

a lot of people (i hav ocd)

Does Marijuana help OCD?

Yes, most OCD victims claim that marijuana does in fact help their OCD.

What is the fear of stepping on cracks?

OCD. You just have OCD.

How did Mr Monk get OCD?

He doesn't really have OCD

Can you get disability for OCD?

If your OCD is bad enough you can get disability. But you need to be going to a therapist. That way they can verify the severity of your OCD.

What is OCD short for?

OCD is short for Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder.

What does OCD mean?

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is what OCD is shortened from.

Can you have a OCD towards a person?

Yes. I was watching a show about OCD, and one of the interviewers had OCD towards her family, thinking they were "contaminated."

What disorders are similar to or associated with OCD?

Sometimes depression can be a part of it, I have borderline OCD. Usually axiety is the number one cause of OCD.

What is the duration of The OCD Project?

The duration of The OCD Project is 3600.0 seconds.

How do you get Ocd?

You cant get it, really. Usually, its from birth. You have to inherit it. (I have OCD, so yeah)

Do you have to be clean to have OCD?

No that is just one of the disorders. You can be ocd over just about anything.

What are the different names for OCD?

The names for the acronym, OCD, are Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

Is it OCD when you have to separate your food equally to eat?

Yes, there is a chance this could be OCD.

What is International OCD Foundation's population?

International OCD Foundation's population is 6.

Can ADD ADHD and or OCD people become autistic?

Usually you are born with autism adhd and ocd , But peopel with autism also tend to have adhd and ocd

Is OCD a symptom of autism spectrum disorders?

Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is not a symptom of autism spectrum disorders. However, people with autism spectrum disorders can exhibit behaviors that appear similar to OCD, without having OCD. Also, people with an autism spectrum disorder can have OCD as a comorbid condition.

Can OCD come from an injury?

No, OCD is genetic. However, it can be triggered by illnesses, such as strep throat.

If you have OCD is it possible to have transgender thoughts?

i have ocd and im transgendered.... so em yeah

Can OCD be passed down?

Yes ocd can be passed down through family genes.

What part of the body does OCD affect?

OCD is a mental disability so it affects the brain.

Does Emma get over her OCD in glee?

Emma is working on her OCD and Will might have helped her heal it.

Can a person have ADHD ADD OCD and tourettes?

No... see "difference between ADD and OCD"

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