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Oracle Grid Engine was created in 2001.


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Oracle is a database ans has number of versions . Oracle has following versions 9i, 10i, 11g, 12c etc. In oracle 10g 'g' stands for grid computing.

Like MySQL , Oracle is also a database . Oracle has a number of versions like 9i, 10g, 11g etc. 'g' in the oracle 11g stands for grid computing.

the meaning of "g" in oracle 10g is a "Grid computing".

the full form of 10g in oracle is g=grid computing

Oracle Grid Control allows IT specialists and programmers to monitor all applications and network activity, ensuring optimization of internal and external processes.

Oracle i means "Internet", that means oracle manipulate data via internet. But next oracle comes with "Grid Computing" and rename with 'g'

g stands for Grid. These versions introduced the use of grid computing techniques.

Oracle Beehive was created in 2008.

Oracle Hyperion was created in 1981.

Oracle Arena was created in 1966.

G - Grid Technology I - Internet Applications

In Oracle 10g, 'g' stands for grid computing. For more details about Oracle 10g and overall Oracle DB please refer the following link:

Oracle Linux was created on 2006-10-26.

Oracle State Park was created in 1976.

The Oracle - film - was created in 1953.

Oracle Tower Bucharest was created in 2005.

Oracle Corporation was created on 1977-06-16.

San Francisco Oracle was created in 1966.

Grid Infrastructure is present in 11gr2 but not in 11gr1

G signifies "Grid Computing"... With the release of Oracle 10g in 2003, Oracle changed the suffix in their previous release version; from 9i to 10g... 'I' stands for Internet...this was done as a marketing effort in order to show Oracle's move towards Grid Computing... Purely a marketing strategy...


Oracle 8i and 9i were databases with 'i' referring to the Internet. For version 10 onwards, Oracle named the database as 10g, 'g' referring to the grid. 10i and 11i are ERP systems, nothing to do with the database.

Ladies Love Oracle was created in 2000-01.

storage is different as compared 9i with 10i.........10i uses grid computing...this has more data storage space

Oracle Financial Services Software was created in 1990.

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