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Panathinaikos women's volleyball was created in 1908.

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Panathinaikos women's basketball was created in 1937.

Panathinaikos F.C. was created on 1908-02-03.

in mens volleyball, the net is higher than in womens volleyball in mens volleyball, the net is higher than in womens volleyball girl vball is more a bout control, and boys is more about power and hitting it hard.....even if it get hit out of bounce!

Panathinaikos was founded on the third February 1908. Panathinaikos is a sport club located in Athens, Greece. Many sports are played there such as football, basketball, swimming, boxing,cycling,water polo, table tennis, shooting, wrestling, fenciing, archery, volleyball, athletics and weightlifting.

The height of the volleyball net for women's indoor volleyball is 7'4"

the height of the net for womens volleyball is eight feet high

See the Beach Volleyball database:

2011 Womens Volleyball Final Four -- San Antonio, Texas

according to me, logan tom (u.s.a. womens)

Mirador Volleyball was created in 1970.

Arcade Volleyball was created in 1989.

RealSports Volleyball was created in 1982.

Womens Volleyball Championship by Agetec, Outlaw Volleyball: Remixed by Global Star, and Summer Heat Beach Volleyball by Acclaim Entertainment Inc.,. There are also some titles imported from Japan

Serbian Volleyball League was created in 2006.

British Volleyball Federation was created in 1955.

Chinese Volleyball League was created in 1996.

Başkent Volleyball Hall was created in 2010.

Association of Volleyball Professionals was created in 1983.

Asian Volleyball Championship was created in 1975.

Outlaw Volleyball was created on 2003-07-09.

Italian Volleyball League was created in 1946.

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