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When was PlayStation invented?

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The "PlayStation" was released in the year 1994. December 3 1994 for Japan,September 9 1995 for the USA, and September 29 1995 for Europe. Australia was November 15 1995

The technology was first going to be used as a colaboration deal between sony and Nintendo in 1989 and even as far back as 1986 for the first conceptions of the PlayStation. When Nintendo pulled out Sony decided to make a console on its own in early 1993. So when the console was invented is different from when a retail sales model was released to the public. Game developers need to have a working console a minimum of a year before the release.

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So i am not a fan of PlayStation. Although, My parents have a PS4. So I would say PlayStation was made in 1994.

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When was the PlayStation invented?

the playstation was invented on the 3rd of december in1994

Who invented the PlayStation 2?

PS2 InventorThe PlayStation was invented by Ken Kutaragi.

Where was the Sony PlayStation 3 invented?

The PlayStation 3 was invented by Sony in Japan.

Who invented video games for PlayStation?

Video games were invented before the Playstation by many years.

Who invented the PlayStation portable?

lala by invented the pspKen Kutaragi is known as "The Father of the PlayStation", and its successors and spinoffs, including the PlayStation 2, PlayStation Portable, and the PlayStation 3. " See related link

When was PlayStation 1 invented?

The PlayStation one was invented in 2000. at first sony had a deal with Nintendo and they were partners but then sony broke up and they made their own playstation and thus the playstation was born

Where the PlayStation was invented?


Why was PlayStation 2 invented?

Why PlayStation 2 was InventedThe Sony PlayStation 2 was Invented because Sony wants to keep making money and to please the fans of the PlayStation 1. The PS1 was getting out-dated so they made it to keep the ball rolling. The PlayStation 3 is coming as well for the same reasons.

Who invented the first PlayStation console?

PlayStation was invented in 1996 by Sony. It was the second video game which works with cds aswell.

Why was the Sony PlayStation 3 invented?

Because it was a new addition of Playstation 2.

Who invented the PlayStation potable?

Sony, the same creators of the other PlayStation consoles.

Who invented PlayStation ps3?


What country was the Playstation invented in?


Who invented the playstation vita?


What company invented the playstation2?

Sony invented all PlayStation models.

Who invented PlayStation console?

Sony invented it and started selling it in 1994

The company that invented the PlayStation?

It's spelled invented, and the company is Sony.

Who invinted the PlayStation 2?

The person who invented the PlayStation 1,2,3, and PSP was Ken Kutaragi.

When was the PlayStation 2 invented?

2000PS2 InventionThe PlayStation 2 came out in 2000

Who discovered PlayStation?

It was not discovered it was invented and developed by Ken Kutaragi considered to be the father of the Playstation

Why is ken kutaragi famous?

He invented the PlayStation 3 and other PlayStation consoles.:D

What are the functions of the PlayStation and when were they invented?

The original Playstation was only a video game and CD player and was invented in 1994. The PS2 was 2000 and the PS3 was 2006

Who invented the Playstation 1?

Sony biitch

Where was the PlayStation 3 invented?

i dont have a clue

Who invented sony Playstation?

ken kutaragi

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