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Plymouth Laser was created in 1990.

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Q: When was Plymouth Laser created?
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What is the firing order for a 1994 Plymouth laser?

1994 Plymouth Laser was not made firing order is 1 3 4 2 for the 1.8L engine

Does a 1991 Plymouth laser make a 1.6 dohc?

no the smallest the company put in a laser was a 1.8

1990 Plymouth laser lobes after warmup?

Is It a turbo car or not?

How slow is a Plymouth laser?

Plymouth laser's are really freaking slow, they have no balls and do one wheel peels all day long. by the way if its an automatic, you might as well scrap it cuz you wont get laughed at as much. also... 96 camaro's eat laser's for breakfast. donezo.... i liked to see a camaro go up against my 450hp Plymouth laser i do not even waste gas on a camaro

What is the speaker size in the dash of a 1994 Plymouth laser?

2 inch

Does a 1990 Plymouth laser have an automatic transmission?

Could be an auto or a manual.

Where is the slave cylinder on a 1991 Plymouth laser?

On the firewall , driver side.

What type freon is used in 93 Plymouth laser?


How do you set the timing on a 1990 Plymouth Laser?

You need a timing light

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