When was Remington knives made in solligen Germany?

Remington introduced a "Wildlife" series of canoe pattern issues in 1996. The series ran for ten years. The 1996 "Elk" and their 1997 "Rams" issues were made in Germany and featured full coverage, blade etching with muted colors on each of these two issues. The handles were of genuine stag with a '"Remington" shield. In addition to the regular tang stamps, one noted "Made in Germany".The best information available is that Boker was the maker of these first two issues of the series. Subsequent issues, Moose, Bear, Cougar, Canada Geese etc. were done by Camillus Cutlery of Camillus, New York. The first, the "Elk" was limited to 1,000 serialized units and commands prices in the $375 to $500 range. Remington increased the production of the second issue, the " "Rams" to 1,500 serialied units which resulted in a reduced value range of $125 - $150. Subsequent Camillus issues command lower prices mostly below the $100 level. The third issue, the "Moose", in addition to the regular 1,500 serialized units was accompanied by an additional 100 knives with a special serial range of RS-1 to RS-100. Many collectors are not acquainted with this special extra run and they command a premium of at least $100. I believe these had been planned to be a special project for the Remington Society of America but the program never came to fruition. The special run was closed out through a single Remington wholesaler. Need further information on these and others? Jack Bares - 800-622-5120