When was Remington wingmaster 410 first made?


Remington introduced Model 870 field models in 28 gauge and .410, which were issued with scaled-down receivers, and lightweight mahogany stocks and fore-ends. Remington also introduced Model 870 "Matched Pair" 20 gauge and .410 Skeet guns with walnut stocks and hard carrying cases, selling for $395ºº the pair. Over the next three years 1,503 pairs would be sold. Remington also introduced a 20 gauge Model 870 Brushmaster Deer Gun in Standard or Deluxe versions. Remington contracted with the U.S. Marine Corps to fabricate 3,231 Model 870 Mk-1 military-style, 12 gauge Model 870 shotgun with 7-shot magazine extensions and fitted with bayonet attachments.