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no one knows when Romeo was born

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Q: When was Romeo Montague born?
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Related questions

Where is Romeo born from Romeo and Juliet?

He is from the Montagues born from Lady Monatgue and Lord Montague.

Is a Romeo a Montague?

Romeo is a Montague, Juliet is a Capulet.

In the play Romeo and Juliet was Romeo a Montague?

Yes, Romeo was a Montague and Juliet was a Capulet.

Is Romeo's father a Montague or a Capulet?

Romeo's father is a Montague.

Who is Montague in Romeo and Juliet?

Montague is Romeo's father, and married to Lady Montague.He is the head of Montague clan.

Who is Lady Montague in Romeo and Juliet?

Lady Montague is the mother of Romeo

How old is Montague in Romeo and Juliet?

Montague was 54 in Romeo And Juliet x

Was Romeo Montague wealthy?

Romeo Montague was actually from a wealthy Italian family.

Is romeo a caplute or a Montague?

a montague

Why was Montague worried about romeo?

Montague was worried about Romeo because Romeo had not been talking to anyone and seemed distracted.

Who were Capulet and Montague in Romeo and Juliet?

Montague was Romeo's dad and Capulet was Juliet's dad.

Where is Romeo Montague from?

Romeo Montague is from Shakespeare's play, Romeo and Juliet. He falls in love with Juliet which leads to both of their deaths.

Romeo is the son of?

Montague and Lady Montague

Who was on the Montague side in Romeo and Juliet?

Apart from the Montagues (Montague, Lady Montague, Romeo and Benvolio) and their servants (Balthazar and Abram), Mercutio, a relative of the Prince's, takes the Montague side.

Who was Lord and Lady Montague in Romeo and Juliet?

Lord and Lady Montague was the father and mother of Romeo.

Was romeo in the montagues or capulates?

Romeo was a Montague

Who was the son of Montague from Romeo and Juliet?


What is Romeo full name?

Romeo Montague

Which of the lovers is a Capulet and which is a Montague?

Juliet is a Capulet and Romeo is a Montague.

Who was the head of the Montague family?

Romeo's father, Lord Montague

Was Juliette a Montague or a Capulet?

Juliet was a Capulet, and Romeo was a Montague.

Was Juliet a Capulet or a Montague?

Juliet was a capulet, and Romeo was a Montague.

Is benvolio a montague or Capulet?

He's a Montague, Romeo's cousin.

Is Friar Laurence a Montague?

No, he is the confidant of Romeo Montague, but they are not related.

Is Benvolio a Montague or a Capulet?

Montague. He's Romeo's cousin.