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This gun was made from 1912-32 and it is valued from $50-300 according to its shape

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Q: When was a J Stevens model 235 exposed hammers 12 gauge serial66032 made and what do they sell for?
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What is value of 1920s 12 gauge shtgun with exposed hammers and duel triggers made by J. P. Stevens?

50-125 USD

Did Stevens make a 12 gauge double barrel with external hammers?

Yes in 1860 Stevens made a double barrel, all steel barrel and its has external hammers.

What is the value of a 1965 Stevens double barrel 12 gauge shotgun with internal hammers?


Stevens model 235 12 gauge double outside hammers - serial 77924 - what age?


What is a 20 gauge double barrel shot gun with exposed hammers worth maker new york gun company?

50-150 USD depending on condition.

Who manufactured a 12 gauge shotgun with exposed hammers marked AMR EMF SA CA Spain A R A L 12-76?

Armas ARAL, which is still in business.

What is the value of a Crescent 12 Gauge Double Barrel with Curly Hammers?

What is the Value of my Crescent Fireams, 12 Gauge, Double Barrel, Curly serial number that I can find

What is the value of an 1889 Remington 12 gauge double barrel shotgun with double trigger and exposed hammers with the serial number of 53879?

i have one with a serial of 39667 how much would it be worth

What is the value Stevens firearms 1907 20 gauge pump shotgun?

What is the value Stevens firearms 1907 20 gauge pump shotgun? What is the value Stevens firearms 1907 20 gauge pump shotgun?

Stevens model 77c 16 gauge pump?

Stevens Model 77C comes in 16 Gauge . Made in the 60 -70s

Age of Stevens model 530a 16 gauge shotgun?

How old US a Stevens savage model 530a 16 gauge

What is a wilkinson 12 gauge rabbit ear?

rabbit ear refers to the exposed twin "hammers"on a double barrel shotgun. when seen from the rear they resemble a pair of .....thats right... rabbit ears.

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