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On or around October 20, 2005. The best time for delivery is exactly 40 weeks gestation for human births. However, not everyone makes it that exact time. Women can go into labor two weeks before or two weeks after.

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Q: When was a child conceived if born on July 27 2006?
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If baby was born on September 4 2006 when was the child conceived?

It depends whether that was the child's due date or not, but if it was the due date then the child was conceived on roughly December 13th

If the baby was born April 13 when was the child conceived?

Possible conception dates: July 17 to July 25

If a child was born on May 26 when was it conceived?

I think maby sometime in august or July I think maby sometime in august or July

What day was you conceived?

July 31st, 1964 was when I was born. What day was I conceived?

Is it possible to for the conception date to be July 2 if the child was born May 5?

If the baby had been conceived on the 2 July it would have been born around the 25th of March.Thje baby was conceived around the 12th of August. All the best.

If your baby was born on April 19 2009 when was the child conceived?

Sometime in mid to late July 2008, if it was a full term baby.

Baby was born in July when was it conceived?

usually in October

If child was born in January when was it conceived?

Rougly April

What celebrity child is younger than Twitter?

Any children born after July 15, 2006.

If child was born in July when was it conceived?

You need to take the exact date and then subtract 9 months. Although there is no way of knowing if the baby was born on the exact due date, or the baby was born early or late.

When was a child conceived if born December 1 2003?

around March 1st 2003

What can happen to a baby whose father is on chemotherapy while the child was conceived?

the child could be possibly be born with birth deficts

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