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Your original model 1893 Marlin rifle was made in the year 1906,with the serial number that you have provided.

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I'm assuming you have a Marlin model 1889, not 1887, as they never made a model 1887. The 1889 does have a patent date of 1887 on the barrel, so this is a common mistake. Any Marlin marked ".32W" on the barrel will normally be chambered for the .32-20 Win. cartridge.

well marlin introduced the marlin model 43 in 1922 so mabey when u figure out what you really have you could try another question My Marlin Model 43 12 gauge pump (Model number is stamped underneath, in front of the trigger guard) has Pat. 1908 on the barrel. There is also a patent date of 1922. Looks like Marlin did produce the Model 43 earlier than the 1922 date you have.

There are no regulation numbers on a Daisy model 1894. On the left side of the barrel you will find the model number, Registration number and the patent number.

If it is a U.S. patent, you can go to the USPTO website for patent searches and enter the number in "patent number search".

Patent pending is a warning that a patent application has been filed. It is completely worthless until and unless a patent is actually issued for that invention. Patent number notice means a patent with that number was issued for the invention that is implemented in the product labeled with that number.

Marlin Firearms Co. was founded in New Haven, Connecticut in 1870 by John Mahlon Marlin, who had worked for the Colt's Patent Firearms Co. during the Civil War.

There is no specific patent number for the mailbox.

Its probably a model 1894 & should be marked as such on the upper tang. Prior to the model 1894 Marlin made a Model 1889 in the same calibres that was not marked. But, a 1889 should only have 2 patent dates, 1887 & 1889 I believe. It is possible you have a model 1889 with a model 1894 barrel on it.

A patent number is the code that helps identify an invention.

There was no Model 1908, so I am assuming you are looking at the 1908 patent date on the barrel. Which is wierd, since the only .25 caliber slide-action rifles produced by Marlin were the Model 27 (.25/20) and 27S (.25 RF) which did not have the 1908 date. Please doublecheck your information.

Is was made in 1919, that is the patent date. I suspect I have the patent posted in the patent section of the Gallery on the Remington Society of America if you want to see it...

I have a 1891,1894 with the patent numbers and in really great shape the price will be about $2000.00 to $2600.00 dollars i seen one at a gun show it was in bad shape he wanted $1200.00 for it

I believe 'pt' stands for patent, as in Colt patent firearms

The US patent number is US 7198789 B2.

the value ranges from $200.00-$800.00 depending on the condition of the fire arm.

You communicate with the Patent Office.

There is no US patent 555408021. There is also no US patent 55408021.

I can't tell from a patent #, is it a pump or auto? Is the RJ on the left side of the barrel near the receiver if so that's a date code from November 1940.

The phone number of the Holland Patent Free Library is: 315-865-5034.

You need to identify the make and model of the shotgun. Dozens of different makes of guns show a browning patent on the barrel. Recheck and re-ask the question - Thank you

The Frisbee patent was issued on September 30, 1958 as Design Patent number D183,626.

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