When was agra fort build?

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Q: When was agra fort build?
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What material was used to build Agra Fort?

Sandstone i am not sure

What material were used to build Agra fort?

white stone

How long the Agra Fort took to be build?

the time u take in masterbasion

When was Agra fort made?

The agra fort was made in 1565.

How tall is the the Agra Fort?

The Agra Fort is 69 ft.

When was Agra Fort created?

Agra Fort was created in 1573.

Where was the Agra fort built?


Who was the architecture of Agra fort?

agra fort won the architecture award in 2004 for aga khan

Is Agra fort and red fort the same?


Is Agra Fort located near a river?

yes it is and its beautiful and you can see the taj mahal from agra fort too

What is the importance of the Agra Fort?


What was name of first fort made by Britishers in India?

agra fort

Who made the red fort of agra?


From which rock is agra fort made?


Where did Shah Jahan study?

At Agra fort

Where is red fort it located?

Agra, India

Which train station is closest to the Taj Mahal?

Agra Cantt is the main railway station and lies southwest of the Taj and Agra Fort. The station is very close to both Taj Mahal and Agra Fort.

Which mirror is used in agra fort?

convex mirror..

Where did aurangzeb kept shivaji as his prisoner?

Agra fort

Which mirror is fitted at Agra fort and why?

convex mirror

What is Agra fort made of?

red poo/stone

Where is Jahangir Mahal located?

red fort ,agra

How old is Agra fort?

over 448 years

Was Shah Jahan buried in the red fort at Agra?

No. Shah Jahan is buried in the Taj Mahal at Agra.

Which fort did emperor barbur describe as the pearl amongs the fortresses of hind?

agra fort