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Aldabra Atoll was made a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1982.

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When was Quito made a World Heritage site?

The City of Quito was made a World Heritage site in 1978. It was part of the original 12 World heritage sites. It is a cultural site inscribed under criteria ii and iv.

What is an atoll made of?


In what year did the Acropolis become a world heritage site?

the Acropolis was made a world heritage site in 1987 yeah

Is Samoa an atoll?

No it is not. An atoll is largely made up of coral reef and is generally flat land (Tokelau is an atoll) Samoa has mountains and is not flat.

What is natural World heritage?

Natural World Heritage is a site is an area which was naturally grown there, Basically nothing man made.

Why the great wall of china was select as a world heritage?

it's one of the world heritage sites because it is man made.

When was Sydney Opera House added to the world heritage list?

It was made a UNESCO World Heritage Site on 28th June 2007.

When was angkor listed as a unesco world heritage site?

The entire expanse of Angkor was made a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1992.

How is a atoll made?

An atoll is made by: it is a small lemon with 4 spikes on its faceRead more: How_do_you_make_an_atoll

What is an atoll and where is it found?

An atoll is an island made of coral that circles a lagoon fully or partially. They are found in the eastern hemisphere.

Why is Stonehenge on the world heritage list?

Because it is a man made wonder

What are 10 man made world heritage sites?

The Taj Mahal

What is atoll mean?

It is a corn drink that was made in Mexico.

When were the lagoons of New Caledonia inscribed a world heritage site?

The lagoons of New Caledonia were made a national heritage site in 2008.

What organization made Banff national park a world heritage site?


A round island made largely of coral is called what?

an atoll

What was the first place listed on world heritage site?

well, unless they made the site at the same time unesco (the world heritage thingy) was made, the the first site should be whatever one starts with A, b or c if the previous one isn't there.....

Who made the Sydney opera house a world heritage site?

Like all World Heritage Sites, the Sydney Opera House was voted as a World Heritage Site by an organization called the World Heritage Convention. This is a special committee of the United Nations, and specifically the United Nations Education Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), which votes to determine which sites should receive this title. Only sites which are said to have enough special natural or cultural importance become World Heritage Sites.

Why is the great sphinx a world heritage site?

The great Sphinx is a heritage site as it was made in the B.C period by the ancient Egyptians and it is beautiful peace of work and culturally significant.

What is the definition of world heritage?

World Heritage Sites are natural or man-made. They are places of special historic importance and uniqueness. The Inca ruins in Latin America and the Great Wall of China are man made. The Grand Canyon and the geysers in Yellowstone Park are nature's work.

Where is the best railway station in India?

The CVT station in Mumbai. Its architecture has made it a World Heritage Sight.

When was the konsrk sun temple made a world heritage site?

India's Konarak Sun Temple was made a World Heritage site in 1984. It is listed as a site under criteria i, iii, and iv. It is a beautiful temple with incredible architecture, and is a great monument to 13th century Orissa.

Who and why made the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park?

UNESCO made it a world heritage site. no one made a park the building was the only standing building in hiroshima.

Why was the great wall of china made a world heritage site?

It was made a heritage site because it is the longest structure ever built and it is made all by hand. As well as it shows how China was ahead of their time when it was built. It also shows human interaction with nature

How many 2002 heritage springers were made?

Harley Davidson year 2000 heritage springer classic were made