Genetic Cloning

When was cloning invented?

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Bradley Pooper and Van Cooden Jay

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When was human cloning invented?

when dolly the sheep was bornhuman cloning was invented in

Is 'Cloning' Invented?

Yes, they have cloned animals.

Name of the person who invented 'CLONING'?

who invented (discovered) cloning?Cloning technology began with the work of Hans Adolf Edward Driesch. In 1885, he was able to demonstrate the first artificial embryo twinning of sea urchins.

Who started cloning?

Nubben C. Icawalo the one who invented cloning in the universeit happen in the Philippines by the help of his parents>

When was cloning first invented?

The first work cloning an animal in a laboratory was conducted in the 1990's. People, however, have been cloning plants for thousands of years by generating crop plants from cuttings.

Who ivented cloning?

Cloning was invented by Carter D. and Dallas C. on a late monday whoever put that is an idiot, don't listen to them.

When was cloning of animals invented?

not that much longer after stem cell research started.

Why was cloning invented?

it was invented to help farmers grow more crops and butchers have more meat to sell ( i think)..x

What are the types of artificial cloning?

They are gene cloning, reproductive cloning and therapeutic cloning. (Hope this will help you)

What are the effects of cloning?

98% fail of cloningAnswer98% fail of cloning

What is molecular cloning?

What is the protocols for Animal Cloning? What is the protocols for Animal Cloning?

Is cloning an organism the same as cloning a gene?

no they are not same as the organism as cloning

What are the types of cloning?

In general, sticky end cloning and blunt end cloning

What are the good christian values on cloning?

A good Christians view on cloning is no. No cloning.

What new ways are there of cloning?

There is DNA cloning, Therapeutic cloning, and Reproductive cloning. I'd say the newest one is Reproductive cloning as it has been successful on the 276th try with Dolly.

What is natural cloning?

When a clone is made without the use of artificial cloning. Natural cloning: Twins, mitosis, asexual reproduction Artificial cloning: SCNT, therepuetic + reproductive cloning.

What is theraputic cloning?

therapeutic cloning

Is cloning legal?

Cloning of animals is legal, but cloning of humans is considered to be a taboo and is not legal.

What is embryo cloning?

Embryo cloning is when you go through the process of cloning an original embryo

Is cloning humans different procedurally from cloning animals?

no because it you are cloning the same things

Did Ian Wilmut call cloning cloning?

Ian Wilmut did not call cloning cloning. He was the professor that had cloned Dolly (Andrew) the sheep. Johnny

What is artificial cloning?

SCNT... Reproductive Cloning...

When did cloning begin?

how did cloning begin and how is it illegal

What is the cost of cloning?

The cost of cloning is about $200,000.

How many sections are there in cloning?

what are the sections are there in cloning