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When was computer made?

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Analog computers were first made in the late 1920s, Digital computers were first made in the early 1940s.

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When was the apple computer made?

the apple computer was made in 1977

Who made the second computer?

who was second generation computer made

James watts first invention?

made computer made computer

What are computer chips made of?

Computer chips are made from crystalline silicon.

When do the computer was made?

ask the computer!

Which year was the appy computer made?

well the apple computer was made in 1976 but i dont know about the appy computer

What makes computer memory?

Computer memory is made from silicon which is made from sand.

Where was the 1st personal computer made?

the first original computer was made in Britain

Can a car be made by hand and by computer?

Every car is made by computer & hand

What computer company made the Macintosh?

The Apple computer company made the Macintosh.

Who made the multifunction computer?

charles babbage made the vary first computer

What is a computer chair made of?

The More Modern Computer Chairs are made of foam

What was the first computer that was ever made?

The Manchester Mark 1 was the first computer that was made and worked.I do not know EXACTLY when the very first computer was made, but the first fully electronic computer was made in 1942 Iowa State College.

How old is the word computer?

whwn the first computer was made that was when the word computer was made so look up that question

What year was the computer made and who made it?

Charles Babbage was the first one who invented the computer. He made it in the year 1822.

Who made the first computer ever?

Charles Babbage made the first ever computer

When was the first computer made in England?

The first computer was made in England in the year 1837.

What element are computer chips made out of?

A computer chip is usually made up of silicon.

Contributions computer operating systems have made to human Computer Interactionband play?

Answering "Contributions computer operating systems have made to human Computer Interaction?"

Where are computer virus made?

a computer virus can be made by any one who has read a book and has a computer. there are no special requirements to manufacture a virus.

What are facts about the computer?

The computer was made by Charles Babbage

Who is the person who made the first computer name?

Wkonrad zuse made the first working computer

Where wasthe first computer made?

The first electronic computer was made at Iowa State University, but, alas, it could not be reprogrammed. The "Z" computer was made in Germany, and was the first to be reprogrammable. The British Colossus computer was made at Bletchley Park, UK, but the first general-purpose reprogrammable computer, called ENIAC, was made at the University of Pennsylvania in 1946.

Where was the Computer Mouse made?

made in the usa

What are chips made from?

Computer chips are made from silicon and sand that has a high quartz content. Computer chips help to store computer memory.