When was golf invented?

Golf was invented in the 1200s

Possibly... although the tomb of Kheti some 2500 years BC has pictures of people playing something very similar to golf.

Similarly the Greeks were playing a golf-like game in the second millennium Before Christ and the Romans also played Paganica, a game that involved hitting small balls with clubs at targets. Very similar to golf.

The Chinese were also playing Chuiwan in the 10th century - a game with clubs and small balls.

So did Scotland invent it or just develop the ideas already involved in ancient games? They are the developers of the game as it is today and, as far as is known, came up with the idea of the hole as the target but 'golf' as an idea was 'invented' long, long ago.

The word golf probably comes from the Ducth "kolf" meaning club and "Kolven" which is the name of a game very similar to modern golf that was played in Holland at least as early as the 13th century.