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When was high speed internet invented?

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Developed in the 1950's for use by the telephone companies, the T1 line is the basic digital line service for business applications. It has a fixed 1.5 Mbps bandwidth in each direction. That bandwidth can be allocated to network data, converged VoIP and computer data, or segregated into 24 individual standard telephone channels. If you need more bandwidth, T1 lines can be bonded to create typically 2x to 9x the individual line capacity. Usually higher bandwidth needs that these are assigned to DS3 circuits at 45 Mbps for cost reasons. However, in remote locations where there is no installed DS3 service, it might be cheaper to install multiple bonded T1 lines to get the required bandwidth. T3 bandwidth provides data transfer speeds of 45 megabits per second (mbps) and contains 672 individual channels that are each equal to voice grade telephone lines, capable of transmitting online video shoots, real time video, and large databases over a busy network. T3 bandwidth is by and large, used in large universities and companies that have large number of users in the same network.

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Who invented high-speed internet?

No one did it was just improved many times and was called high speed.

what is the speed of at& high speed internet?

IVC Telecom has speeds up to 500Mbps cable internet

What do you need to run high speed internet?

Check out IVC Telecom for high speed internet

What is the prefix of speed?

For actual high speed internet check out IVC Telecom

do you provide high speed internet?

IVC Telecom provides high speed internet in Canada. In Quebec 100m for $39.95m

Who provides high speed internet in my area?

IVC Telecom is nationwide in Canada with their affordable internet plans for high speed internet

do you have high speed internet?

Call and sign up with IVC Telecom

Could one get high speed internet from a satellite?

Yes, one can get high speed internet from a satellite. Some of the companies you can get high speed internet from a satellite are DISH, and EarthLink.

what are the cheapest prices for high speed internet?

$39.95 for 100M or 150M unlimited high speed internet from IVC Telecom across Canada.

Is business internet T1 Earthlinks version of high speed internet?

Business internet T1 Earthlinks is a version of high speed internet. When going for fast and reliable internet, this is one of the best choices, because of its speed.

Is high speed internet better than DSL for iMac Intel os?

DSL is high speed internet. High speed internet includes many different forms of internet access. DSL, Cable, Satellite, Wireless, etc.

What does one refer to when speaking about Dish Network High Speed Internet?

The main thing someone is referring to when speaking about Dish Network high speed internet is their internet. The high speed internet provided by Dish Network is very good.

How can you speed up Mafia Wars?

by signing up for a higher speed internet plan. ie. IVC Telecom has very cheap plans for unlimited high speed internet all over Canada.

Is there DSL high speed internet in the 19335 area?

You can recive high speed internet service thru verizon at your address.

Does Comcast or Verizon have the fastest high speed internet?

All the big compagnies have about the same speed internet. Comcast and Verizon may have the fastest high speed internet, but they are not the only ones.

What are some business that have high speed internet?

Some businesses that offer to supply high speed internet in the UK include BT and Virgin. High speed internet is also promised by other companies including Sky.

How much is high speed Internet for Cox Internet?

High speed internet for Cox Internet should be about $30 to $50 a month. I am glad you are interested in the pricing because it can get expensive.....

How can I check the speed of my High Speed Internet?

You can check the speed of your high speed internet by clicking on your internet preferences. Once you've clicked it, scroll to the internet with which you are connected to. A scroll bar should appear, with a speed option. Click it. Then your high speed internet connection should appar, giving you the exact speed of your internet.

What does GPRS and EDGE internet capability mean?

It is the Internet connect to your phone. EDGE means you have HIGH SPEED DATA. GPRS means you have internet, but not HIGH SPEED.

Is it possible to get high speed internet from a satellite service?

It is possible. If you have a good computer, and your satellite provider is decent, then you can have high speed internet. However, you must specify what you feel is "high speed".

Is 600kbps is a high speed internet?

It might refer to high speed internet but for todays applications that is really slow. You would not be able to stream, download or do a lot of stuff with that kind of speed. There is a reason they use Mbps for speed nowadays. Look into IVC Telecom for high speed internet plans in Canada.

What is the best type of high speed internet for a home?

Comcast is a very good high speed internet company. Their website is

how much is high speed internet?

Starting from $39.95 per month in Canada, with IVC Telecom

Do you think that you have the best high speed internet now?

I do not think that I currently have the best high speed internet. I currently have DSL. DSL is extremely slow. The best high speed internet that anyone can have right now is probably Xfinity.

Where is high speed Internet available?

Almost everywhere these days. There are different forms, including Satellite internet, cable internet and DSL internet, all deliver high speed connections.

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