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When was hoover inaguurated?

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Mr Henry Hoover invented Hoover

hetty hoover Henry hoover herbert hoover gorge hoover

no it was named after HENRY Hoover

Danielle Hoover goes by Hoover.

No- the Hoover vacuum cleaner has no connection with Herbert Hoover.

Hoover Dam boarders Nevada and Arizona was named after President Herbert Hoover.

You spell it Hoover =)

The address of the Hoover Public Library is: 200 Municipal Drive, Hoover, 35216 5510

The address of the Hoover Historical Society is: Po Box 360233, Hoover, AL 35236

No. Hoover was a Republican.

Hoover High School is located in Hoover, Alabama.

Herbert Hoover It was Hoover, but it was J. Edgar Hoover

There are 7 Hoover High Schools located in the following states and cities: Herbert Hoover High School, Fresno, California Herbert Hoover High School, Glendale, California Herbert Hoover High School, San Diego, California Herbert Hoover High School, Des Moines, Iowa Herbert Hoover High School, Clendenin, West Virginia Hoover High School, Hoover, Alabama Hoover High School, North Canton, Ohio

Hoover Jakes's birth name is Hoover Timothy Clarence Jakes.

Herbert Hoover was married only once to Lou Henry Hoover. They were married on Febuary 10th, 1899. They had two children, Herbert Charles Hoover and Allan Henry Hoover.

The Hoover Vacuum was invented in 1908.

he invented the hoover vacuum.

President Herbert Hoover

a hoover is used for cleaning you house

No. Hoover had no military service.

Herbert Hoover was a Quaker.

Herbert Hoover was not assassinated.

how old is Herbert hoover

No, Hoover did not have any alligators